PetPace Health Monitor in Bulldogs

PetPace Real Time Health Monitor App for Bulldogs


Our bulldog and bulldog puppy’s health and medical problems, as well as pain, often remain hidden until it reaches a critical tipping point. Early detection of any diseases your bulldog is facing, as well as detection of future health issues will help prevent undue suffering, improve your bulldog’s quality of life and significantly reduce health-related costs.

I sat down for a Q & A with my hospital staff and members from the Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR), a non for profit volunteer based group that I have been supporting for a decade providing daily shelter and medical care to their rescued bulldogs. I would like to thank the founders of PetPace Inc and their leading veterinarian Dr. Dagan for their support giving back to rescue a % of all sales generated from our site… learn more click here.

Joel (Southern California Bulldog Rescue): What exactly is the PetPace collar? Thank you Dr. Kraemer, can you tell us how does the PetPace collar work?

Dr. Kraemer Answers: The Pet Pace collar is a patented, non-invasive, monitoring collar that can improve the quality of life of our bulldog pet owners as well as any other pets you may have as they mature and age.  Your bulldog or other beloved pet’s health and well-being will be monitored wirelessly 24 hours a day, tracking its most important vitals such as Temperature, Pulse and Respiration as well as your pet’s range of physical and behavioral activities (Positions, Calories, Resting, Walking and Running as well as Eating). All this information is easily displayed, downloaded and accessed via a free cell phone app. In the event of any irregularities in your pet’s behavior or vital statistics, an immediate alarm is sent to the account holder and if requested by the pet owner the alarm would also be sent to Dr. Kraemer and his staff.

Shannon (Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care Team Member) How did you get involved and how this monitoring device help us improve the medical care of our rescued dogs?

Dr. Kraemer Answers I have been collaborating with the PetPace medical team in an attempt to improve our ability to monitor medical cases including before and after Stem Cell Therapy patients.  In addition, I have been working together with Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR) team and the Bulldog Breeding Association on a joint collaboration with the PetPace veterinarian and development team in an effort to improve the bulldog rescue adoption process. The petpace collar allows us to remotely monitor our rescued dog in their first few week with their new adapting family, this allows us to help and support the new owners to better familiarize themselves with their new bulldog medical needs. 

Viki (Southern California Bulldog Rescue) : What are the benefits of this device for my bulldog and my other pets?PetPace Dog Health Monitor

Dr. Kraemer Answers: Bulldogs and Bulldogs puppies do not effectively communicate pain, sickness or discomfort and therefore health problems often remain hidden and go unnoticed till they reach a critical state. This life saving monitor enables early detection of disease and other health issues, improves clinical outcome, enhances quality of life and significantly reduces health-related costs.

Leah (Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care Team Member)  What health issues and physical functions can this device detect in our bulldog puppies and rescued dogs?

Dr. Kraemer Answers: The device can do all of the following (additional ones are added every few months):

  • Your Bulldog TEMPERATURE: Monitor body temperature – detect fever, heat stroke and hypothermia.  
  • Your Bulldog PULSE: Monitor heart rate – identify high and low pulse rates and irregularities
  • Your Bulldog RESPIRATION: Monitor respiratory rate to identify unhealthy changes
  • Your Bulldog ACTIVITY LEVELS: Monitor your bulldog’s activity – see changing trends; set activity goals
  • Your Bulldog POSITIONS: Monitor your bulldog’s body posture and follow trends to identify pain, recovery from injuries, and more
  • Your Bulldog CALORIES: Track your bulldog’s calories burned and help in weight loss programs to prevent obesity

Mel (Southern California Bulldog Rescue): How will Dr. Kraemer get the information from the PetPace monitoring collar?

Dr. Kraemer Answers: Your bulldog information is continuously downloaded and analyzed in the “Cloud”, I have access to that information thus to all my patients’ data, health related alerts and medical history at all times. This real-time availability helps me to compile the data for each patient, to be accumulated and analyzed in real time, thus identify any abnormalities.

Clarissa (Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care Team Member):  How does the PetPace Alerts & Alarms work?header22

Dr. Kraemer Answers: There are four main ways in which the alerts and alarms are set up:

  1. PetPace sophisticated algorithms will compare your bulldog’s reading in three ways. First, to the normal reference ranges, second, to your bulldog’s own history, and last, to other pets and bulldogs.
  2. Once an abnormal parameter or combination thereof is detected an alert is distributed to all pre-designated individuals (i.e. Dr. Kraemer, Pet Owner, members of a Rescue Group.)
  3. Alert thresholds are customizable and configurable to meet individual patient needs.
  4. Alerts are fully configurable to come in various formats – SMS, email, and phone message, to whoever needs to be informed.  

Chris (Southern California Bulldog Rescue): How fast will a pet owner receive warnings or alerts?
Dr. Kraemer Answers: The PetPace monitoring of your rescued bulldogs and other pets is conducted in REAL TIME, and be presented or sent to you via cell phone Apps, emergency alerts immediately. The owners and you can also download and print a more extensive and detailed PDF reports.

Viki (Southern California Bulldog Rescue): Dr. Kraemer, how expensive this collar is?
Dr. Kraemer Answers: There is a onetime fee for the collar and hardware at the cost of 150 dollars and then annual membership fee for and additional 150 dollars. Note, that SCBR will receive 30 dollar anytime one of our supporter buys  it from our sites……..for more information “click here”

Leah (Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care Team Member): How do I make Dr. Kraemer aware of any problems with my pet?
Dr. Kraemer Answers: The PetPace critical vitals are all SHARED with me if requested by you. In that way we can share your bulldog’s health information directly in order to receive the best possible care.

Joel (Southern California Bulldog Rescue): Are there any other products on the market similar to the PetPace health monitor collar?SCBR petpace
Dr. Kraemer Answers: PetPace is the only pet health monitoring wearable technology that works for both dogs and cats of any size.

Shannon (Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care Team Member) : Will the PetPace collar fit a bulldog puppy as well as an adult dog?
Dr. Kraemer Answers: The PetPace collar comes in various sizes to accommodate dogs and cats of all ages from 8lb and up.SCBR petpace

Viki (Southern California Bulldog Rescue): Once I have put the collar on my pet, is there anything else I need to do?
Dr. Kraemer Answers: make sure to keep the collar charged so that the information will be continuously transmitted.

Laura (Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care Team Member): What should I do if I receive an alert?
Dr. Kraemer Answers: contact me or your local veterinarian immediately.

Joel (Southern California Bulldog Rescue): Dr. Kraemer, can you give us an example of a specific medical problem where the petpace collar proven it value
Dr. Kraemer Answers: Sure, i can name  a few recent examples one of which is Heat Stroke a  life threatening problem with bulldogs as we all know,  a second one will be Heartworm patients monitoring a dangerous condition we just recently faced with a few of our rescued bulldogs, one more relevant case is gastrointestinal catastrophes like bloat. See attached list below.

Here is a small collection of the most recent  PetPace medical press releases: 

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