IBD (Inflammatory bowel) in
Bulldogs & French Bulldogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Bulldogs and French Bulldog (Bulldog IBD)

Cryobanking Stem Cells For dogs and Cats with IBD

Cryobanking Stem Cells For dogs and Cats with IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease in English bulldogs, French Bulldog and American bulldog is better know as bulldog IBD. IBD in bulldogs can affect both the upper (stomach and small intestine) and lower (colon, large intestine) tracts.  Inflammatory bowel disease in bulldogs is a group of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders that involve inflammatory cells (white blood cells known also as “WBC”) that infiltrating the bowels.

Dr. Kraemer’s Bulldog IBD Rule of Thumb:

Most Common manifestation of IBD in bulldogs and other dogs and cats are Diarrhea and weight loss, sometimes bulldogs and other pets will also exhibit vomiting, bloody stool, strain to defected, fluctuant and abdominal pain. Inflammatory Bowel Disease in pets, French bulldog and other bulldogs, can cause a range of clinical signs from debilitating critical disease to a more mild forms of IBD that is intermittent and nonprogressive.

Dr. Kraemer’s Bulldog Inflammatory Bowel Disease Maintenance:

The most commonly used anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agent for IBD in both bulldogs, other dogs and cats are steroids like prednisone or prednisolone.

In the past decade I have been advocating a new state of the art anti-inflammatory therapy called Stem Cell Therapy. At my hospital “Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care”  we have our own in-house patented stem cell lab that allows us to harvest your pets own anti-inflammatory stem cell repair cell . Those adult stem cells are are extracted, then mixed with platelet rich plasma (PRP), then activated and injected intravenously to your pet on site within hours. In addition I cryobank half of your pet stem cells for additional treatments usully  administrated on day 30 and 60. To find more about regenerative medicine and its therapeutic potential as applied to inflammatory bowel disease see my report under  “Piper, the miracle of Stem Cell Therapy”

Dr. Kraemer’s Bulldog IBD Tips & Warnings:

Treating IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) bulldog with Stem Cell Therapy

Treating IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) bulldog with Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog inflammatory bowl disease Tip #1 (DrKraemers.com): Before any invasive procedures are done and immune suppressant drugs like prednisone, cortisones, steroids are given, make sure that you bulldog is prescribed empiric deworming as well as Hypoallergenic prescription elimination diet trails, probiotics live bacteria supplement, antibiotics, tylosin, and additional dietary fiber

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD Tip #2 (stemcell4pet.com): There are an increasing number of non-invasive tools to assess function and pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. Albumin level, Serum folate and Serum cobalamin (vit B12) should be checked. TLI and PLI test for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis, and intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Fecal a1-proteinase inhibitor concentration can be used to assess gastrointestinal protein loss. Serum C-reactive protein can be used as a marker for intestinal inflammation. Also, evaluation of serum and tissue levels of cytokines may be useful in the definition of specific subsets of IBD in bulldogs, French Bulldogs and other dogs and cats.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD  Tip #3 (vet4healthypet.com): IBD in human is often manifested with chronic diarrhea due to ileitis or ulcerative colitis. In bulldogs and other dogs there is no universally accepted definition for IBD. Inflammatory Bowel Disease in bulldog could be any inflammatory condition of the intestine no matter what the underlying etiology. In some cases of IBD the cause may be obvious however, the majority of cases of inflammatory bowel disease remain unknown (idiopathic) and is considered immune mediated.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog inflammatory bowl disease Tip #4: IBD in bulldogs, French bulldogs and other pets is usually made based on intestinal biopsies (histopathologic results) either collected by endoscopy (Gastroduodenoscopy) or during exploratory surgery. Histopathology is accepted as a gold standard for diagnosing IBD in bulldogs and other pets. However, histopathology is not without limitations. There is a large degree of variability of the number of inflammatory cells seen in biopsy specimens of normal dogs and objective criteria for a diagnosis of IBD have not been agreed upon.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD Tip #5: Several trial with hypoallergenic diets hydrolyzed or novel prescription elimination diets and antibiotic trials may be needed before improvement is shown

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog inflammatory bowl disease Tip #6: Treatment of Bulldog IBD is rather empiric and involves dietary trials, antibiotic agents, if a bacterial etiology is suspected, and anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agents. Cobalamin (vitamin B12) supplementation is necessary in many bulldog patients with IBD and can be given as weekly injection

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD Tip #7: Biopsies might be necessary for a definitive diagnosis and may be collected surgically or endoscopically. When collecting endoscopic biopsies, a minimum of eight intestinal biopsies from each anatomic site is recommended.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog inflammatory bowl disease Warring #1: Severe forms may cause persistent vomiting, protein-losing enteropathy (PLE), marked weight loss and chronic diarrhea.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD Warring #2: Other gastrointestinal disease in bulldogs and other pets can present clinically similar to IBD. GI foreign body/obstruction, intestinal cancer, pancreatic disease (chronic pancreatitis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency), chronic liver disease to name few.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog inflammatory bowl disease Warring #3: In cats I will also add to the above, FIP (feline infectious peritonitis virus) and hyperthyroidism.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD Warring #4: There is a wide variation in pathologic interpretation of intestinal biopsies, thus diagnosis is ultimately based on integration of clinical and histopathologic findings, exclusion of other causes for observed clinical signs, and response to therapy.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD Warring #5: The histopathologic diagnosis needs to be carefully evaluated in light of all the other patient information available. If the histopathologic diagnosis of the biopsy does not fit the patient a second opinion should be sought.

Dr. Kraemer’s V4B indigestion relief supplement for IBD

Dr. Kraemer’s V4B indigestion relief supplement for IBD

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog inflammatory bowl disease Warring #6: Any bulldog or pet receiving long term immunosuppressant drugs like prednisone, Medrol, steroid, cortisones, for IBD should be aware of the potential serious long term adverse effect. Among the common health risk related toimmune suppressant drugs are, GI ulceration and GI perforation, liver damage (steroid hepatopathy), diabetes, and urinary tract infection (cystitis)

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog IBD Warring #7 long term use of immunosuppressant drugs like prednisone  and antibiotics for bulldog IBD can damage and kill the good bacteria in your bulldogs bowels. I recommend you add probiotic with live bacteria for all IBD pets on long term drug treatments.

Dr. Kraemer’s bulldog inflammatory bowl disease Warring #8 long term use of immunosuppressant drugs like prednisone for IBD can damage your French bulldog liver (steroid hepatopahy). I recommend you supplement with a liver detoxifier like Dr. Kraemer’s V4B Bulldog liver detox to minimize the steroid damage to your bulldog liver.

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