Nutrition, Food & Supplements for Bulldogs

Diets and Supplements for Bulldogs

Diets are a hot, popular, and controversial topic among bulldog owners. With the rise of the internet and online forums, the debate is reaching a new high. Bully owners have online access to an abundance of conflicting and confusing diet recommendations. For many bully owners, diet selection is a “visceral, gut wrenching” dilemma they face while trying to decipher the sexy jargon, fancy packaging and expanding and fast-growing new contemporary “medical” narrative like whole, raw, gourmet, natural, organic, no preservative, non-processed, grain free, with fish oil, w/ glucosamine, puppy, adult, senior and the list goes on. So what is fact and what is fiction? What is relevant and what is a myth? What is innocent misinformation and what is gross disinformation? Keep in mind even within the veterinary community, there are a wide range of recommendations as to what is the most appropriate bully diet, feeding approach and supplementation.

V4B Recovery Gel (Empowering Rescue )

V4B Recovery Gel (Empowering Rescue )

In this “ Bulldog Nutrition, Food and Supplements“ chapter I am going to cover in detail some of the most common bulldog and bulldog puppies, nutrition, food and dietary supplements conditions. Each topic (i.e Grain Free Diets,  Hypoallergenic Diets, Fish Oil and Omega 3 for bulldogs, etc.) is going to be divided into four major sections:

1.  V4B Bully introductory: details of the specific condition and its origin.

2.V4B Bulldog Maintenance: A “take home” bully maintenance program.

3. V4B Bully Rule of Thumb: A “must know” take home pearl of wisdom.

4. V4B Bully Tips & Warnings: A list of essential “DO’s and DON’T’s”

Grain Free Diet for Bulldogs:

First I will put the “can my bully digest grain?” myth to rest…. yes he can! Pre-domestication, dogs ate vegetarian and animals and “learned” how to digest some of their GI content as the wolf and fox still do to this day. We also know that during the domestication evolution dogs genetically evolved as we humans did from being predominantly meat protein eaters to the present mixed-diet ones. Both human and dog became better suited to digested grain, fruit, vegetables and other starch….Read More

Food Allergies and Hypoallergenic Diets in Bulldogs

Food allergies and/or Skin allergies in bulldogs are not as common as you might think. In most cases the GI problems are more likely to be due to parasites, viral, bacteria, indiscretion eating, etc. and your bulldog skin condition are more likely due to atopy (environmental allergens), fleas and bacteria….Read More

Supplements, Bulldogs  &  The “Do No Harm” Rules (Must Know & Untold Secrets)

Supplements and other products that are sold over the counter (OTC)  are not FDA regulated. Thus, one should always question the validity of the products medical and health claims as well as the advertised content…”.Read More


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