Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs and
French Bulldog Puppies

prolapse urethra in bulldogs, bulldog puppies and French Bulldogs

Prolapse urethra pre-surgery in a bulldog puppy

Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs and french bulldog puppies is much more commonplace medical condition than other dog breeds. Typically, in English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and American Bulldog puppies the prolapsed urethral tissue is observed by the bulldog puppy pet owner as a red pea size tissue protruding out from the tip of their male dog penis. This exposed rosy urethral prolapsed “bulge” is a delicate vascular tissue that can easily bleed, sometimes in a dramatic unstoppable scary fashion.


Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs such as the English Bulldogs, French Bulldog  and Boston Terriers the urethral prolapse could be related to an abnormality in their urethra development. Other suspected reasons to bulldog prolapse urethra are penile blood flow impediment during urination and during sexual activity. This bulldog urethral blood flow impermanent is most likely due to the breed predisposition to labored breathing, caused by medical conditions such as stenotic nares , elongated soft palate, hypoplastic trachea and everted laryngeal saccules. Anyone of the brachycephalic syndrome medical airway conditions are likely to increase intra-abdominal pressure which in turn could lead your bulldog puppy prolapsed urethra due to  impediment of blood flow to the penis.

Dr. Kraemer’s V4Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Maintenance:

Prolapse urethra in a bulldog puppies and french bulldogs

prolapse urethra in bulldogs and bulldogs puppies

If your bulldog or bulldog puppy has a prolapse urethra, I recommend neutering him. If he suffers from anyone of the brachycephalic syndrome airway conditions, such as elongated soft palate or/and stenotic nares you should have those conditions repaired.

Dr. Kraemer’s V4Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Rule of thumb:

Prolapse Urethra Surgical repair should be considered with any bulldog suffering from prolapse urethral that is  bleeding, painful, or has extensive penile injury and/or urethral ulceration. If the prolapsed urethral tissue is already necrotized and compromised,  I recommend to have it surgically removed.

Dr. Kraemer’s V4Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Tips & Warnings

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Tip #1: Surgery is not indicated in some mild cases, in those non bleeding cases the prolapse could be left alone as is.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Tip #2: I recommend the repair of an elongated soft palate, stenotic nares and laryngeal saccules in all English bulldog and French bulldog puppies as well as other brachycephalic breed male dog suffering from prolapse urethrae, as soon as possible.

prolapse urethra in a bulldog and a french bulldog puppy after surgical repair

Surgical Repair of a Prolapsed Urethra in a Bulldog Puppy

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Tip #3: Place a buster collar on your bulldog head to prevent licking.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Tip #4: Tranquilizers and anti-inflammatory RX could help reduce the bleeding till you can get your bulldog to a veterinarian.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Tip #5: I recommend urine analysis and urine culture in all prolapse urethra cases.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Tip #6: Empirical Antibiotics should be considered while waiting for the culture results.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Warning #1: Due to multi factorial breed predisposition to this problem the prolapse re-occurrence is not uncommon, typically within 6 months to 2 years, especially if an underlying predisposing cause has not been identified and treated.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Warning #2: Urethral Prolapse is unique to bulldog, thus repair should be done by an experience surgeon and one that is familiar with the breed.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Warning #3: All bulldogs diagnosed with a prolapse urethra should be neutered to prevent recurrence and re prolapse. Also, also due to possible genetic link associated with this condition I do not recommend breeding bulldog males with known prolapse urethra.

Dr. Kraemer’s Prolapse Urethra in Bulldogs Warning #4: This medical problem is most common to bulldogs, thus you should seek a surgeon  experienced with this surgical correction.  Unfortunately, prolapse urethra revisions are limited  due to the close proximity of the os penis (a penile bone that only canines have) to the penis tip. After a second and third revision, there is little to no space left for the repair (between the tip and the bone). At that point, the options are limited,  All that can be done are salvage procedures such as amputation and urethrostomy.

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