Urinary and Reproductive Problems in Bulldogs

Bulldog Urinary and Reproductive Problems

a Bulldog Large Infected bladder

Problems related to the urinary tract in bulldogs are common both in females and males and can manifest at any age and in many ways, among them urinary incontinence, “pee accidents”, frequent urination, blood in the urine, painful urination and sometimes excessive drinking, thus causing a larger urination volume than normal. Reproductive problems can arise from insemination to conception, pregnancy and the necessity for a cesarean section, to disease and emergencies related to the reproductive tract.

In this “ Bulldog Urinary and Reproductive“ chapter, I am going to cover in detail some of the most common bully urinary and reproductive conditions. Each topic (i.e Vaginal Fold Dermatitis in Bulldogs,  Urinary Tract Infection in Bulldogs, Cesarean in Bulldogs  etc.) is going to be divided into four major sections:

1. V4B Bully Introductory: Details of the specific condition and its origin.

2.V4B Bulldog Maintenance: A “take home” bully maintenance program.

3. V4B Bully Rule of Thumb: A “must know” take home pearl of wisdom.

4. V4B Bully Tips & Warnings: A list of essential “DO’s and DON’T’s”.

Vaginal Fold Dermatitis leading to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Vaginal fold dermatitis can occur in female dogs that have excess skin folds around their private area. Often, owners aren’t aware of the problem until their bulldog starts manifesting signs consistent with urinary tract problems. Other times, the fold dermatitis becomes painful and itchy with the female bulldog presenting excessive licking of that region….Read More

Prolapsed Urethra in Bulldogs and Bulldogs Puppies

Prolapsed urethra is a much more commonplace medical condition in bulldogs and bulldog puppies than other dog breeds. Typically, the prolapsed urethral tissue is observed by the bulldog puppy pet owner as a red, pea size tissue protruding out from the tip of their male dog’s penis…Read More

Bulldog Cystitis and Bulldog Urinary Tract Infection

Bulldog Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder relatively common in bulldogs and bulldog puppies. Cystitis and UTI in bulldogs can be caused by multiple conditions, the most common of which is an infection caused by bacteria (UTI). There are also other common conditions and diseases that can lead to cystitis in bulldogs, including bladder stones (calculi), tumors, or polyps in the bladder….Read More


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