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English & French Bulldog Veterinarian

Vet4Bulldog was founded by Dr. Roy Kraemer, a vet with over 20 years of experience and a recognized authority in treating Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. Dr. Kraemer serves the bulldog community at his hospital Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care located at 434 South Tustin St, Orange Ca 92866, as well as in-need rescue bulldogs mostly under the love and care of the “Southern California Bulldog Rescue” (SCBR), one of the largest nonprofit bully rescue organizations in the U.S.

U4B Rescue
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Empowering Bulldog Rescue nationwide by leveraging our “U4B Community” purchasing power to form win-win partnerships with the leading pet care companies.

U4B Community
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You4Bulldog is a grassroots community with a mission to support Bulldog Rescue that also rewards its members with special membership offers and discounts.

(Dr. Kraemer)

Dr. Roy Kraemer, is a well-known English bulldog and French bulldog expert and is the founder of Vet4Bulldog. Dr. Kraemer is a pioneer in innovative healing and regenerative procedures such as stem cell therapy.

Bulldog Maintenance

An interactive authoritative resource for English bulldog and French bulldog owners that teaches “The Art of Bully Maintenance” as well as valuable bulldog tips and guidelines to happiness and good health.


(Stem Cell)

Dr. Kraemer is a well known, leading provider of non-pharmaceutical healing therapies and alternative modalities for pain relief including in-house Stem Cell Therapy & Cryobanking, Laser Therapy and Pulse Electro Magnetic Therapy  (PEMT)

10% of all V4B sales goes to support local non-profit bulldog rescue activities. Learn more…


About Dr. Kraemer

Dr. Kraemer has a special interest in Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and other Brachycephalic breeds and their unique medical and surgical needs such as breathing and airway conditionsjoints ligament and tendon injuriesear canal diseaseskin and allergy problemseye and eyelid abnormalities, as well as other medical conditions related to the bulldog breed. Dr. Kraemer is a Tufts Veterinary School Graduate (Boston, MA). He is the owner of Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care, a veterinary hospital dedicated to the breed, and is the founder of

Dr. Kraemer is also a leader in regenerative medicine and the founder of  He has been collaborating with authoritative researchers in the field on both the human and veterinary sides. Dr. Kraemer offers alternative non-pharmaceutical therapies for pain relief, wound repair, and inflammatory conditions in the form of cutting edge healing modalities including state of the art in-house stem cell therapyCryobankingPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP)class 4 cold laser and  Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMT). He also has a large following of other dog breed and cat owners; providing wellness and preventative care, a wide range of surgical and dental services, orthopedics, radiology, cardiology, ultrasonography, etc.

Dr. Kraemer and his Vet4HealthyPet team work closely with Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR), providing their dogs with shelter, medical and surgical services for over a decade.

Dr. Kraemer’s

Services Provided

The visit includes:

  • A full medical exam
  • Review of the medical record.
  • Bulldog and French Bulldog Q & A
  • A demonstration of all the weekly Bully “must do” critical maintenance routines.

Bulldog Urogenital

Bulldog Imaging & Ultrasound

Bulldog Eyes & Eye Lid

Bulldog Skin & Ears

  • Tail Amputation
  • Aural Hematomas Repair
  • Mass Removal
  • Biopsies, Cultures & Cytology’s
  • TECA
  • Interdigital Cyst & Skin Folds

Bulldog Orthopedics

Dr. Kraemer’s Essential Bulldog Skin Care & Supplements

  • V4B Total Joint Care ES
  • V4B Skin Fold Wipe & Lotion
  • V4B Yeasty Ears Rinse
  • V4B Omega Fish Oil
  • V4B Yeasty Bully Gel
  • V4B Antiseptic Shampoo
  • V4B Liver Cleanser Plus
  • V4B Bully Indigestion
  • V4B Itchy Bully Shampoo
  • Dr. Kraemer’s V4B Store

Ask Dr. Kraemer a Question

Ask Dr. Kraemer or our staff for a question regarding your English and French Bulldog and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    To whom it may concern: We are the legal owners of this (those) listed pets. Upon receiving this request please transfer all our hereby pets medical records. Please include lab work and images to Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care, 434 Tustin St, Orange, Ca, Tel: (714) 289-9400 Fax: (844) 270-6906, [email protected] as soon as possible.