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Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are prone to a wide range of painful and debilitating breed-related medical conditions. Most can be prevented and safely treated at your home, at a minimal cost.

Category:   Pain / Discomfort

Pemphigus Autoimmune Disease

Bulldog and French Bulldog Pemphigus Autoimmune Disease

What is that?

Bulldog Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin epidermis. The treatment can be difficult and lengthy, the outcome might not be favorable.


Crusty, pus-filled lesions, that are often localized to the face and head, ears, and nose, in some cases they also involve the paws, or/and become generalized affecting the entire body.

Corneal Ulcer

Cornea Ulcer in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

What is that?

The bulldog cornea is the outer layer of the eyeball. When injured/scratched a painful wound is created. In bulldogs, it often happens due to an eyelid problem, abnormal eyelashes, and/or dry eye.


Corneal ulcers are usually painful, your bulldog will squint, tear, blink, and paw at his eye. The cornea can appear red, vasculature, or punctured. Eye swelling, shut, and red and fluorescent stain under UV light (photo)


Entropion in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

What is that?

Bulldog is an entropion inward rotation of the eyelids is common in bulldogs due to their flat head and excessive skinfold. The rolling eyelid with its eyelash meets the eyeball (cornea) causing pain and injury.


Noticeable painful spasmatic squinting and blinking eye/eyelid that is rolled inward, the eye might be shut and the eyelid puffed. Conjunctivitis, and often a noticeable corneal ulcer due to eyelid rub.

Abnormal Eyelash

Abnormal Eye Lashes in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

What is that?

Eyelash problems are abnormal eyelash growth common to bulldogs. They can arise from an abnormal location or grow in an abnormal manner. The most common are trichiasis, ectopic cilia, and distichiasis.


An eyelash that grows inward toward the eyeball will cause corneal irritation, severe pain, and injury (corneal ulcer). Spasmatic squinting and blinking, puffiness, redness, and shut eyes are common.


Glaucoma in Bulldogs and French Bulldog

What is that?

Glaucoma is an increase of pressure within the eye usually due to eye fluids (aqueous humor) drainage problems, or secondary to another eye disease.


Severe pain and painful eye and must be attended to as an emergency. The pupil is usually dilated, and nonresponsive to light, The eye is bluish cloudy bulging, and red. With immediate treatment, Glaucoma leads to blindness.

Urinary Stones

Urinary Stones in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

What is that?

Bulldog and French Bulldog urinary stones (uroliths or calculi) could be found in the kidney, ureter, bladder, and/or urethra. They are different types of stones such as cystine, urate, calcium oxalate, and struvites.


Bulldog urinary stones can cause a partial or a full urinary blockage, and injuries to the urinary tract wall. It can manifest as bloody, smelly, cloudy, discolored urine. Incontinence, strain, frequent urination, or no urination. Distended abdomen and pain.


Cystitis and UTI in Bulldogs

What is that?

Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Cystitis is an inflammatory condition most often caused by bacteria (UTI) or/and mineralized stones (Calculi). Our V4B URINARY LOW-COST BUNDLES can help prevent and manage those conditions.


Bulldog cystitis usually presents with discomfort, pain, squatting, straining, and frequent urination. Blood in the urine is common.

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