Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Pain and pain relief in bulldogs and French bulldogs must be addressed at every level of your bulldog’s prevention, wellness, and care.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs: PREVENTION

In recent decades, there has been a notable evolution in our comprehension of pain and its impact on the well-being of our pets.

Unlike the traditional methods of pain management employed in earlier years, contemporary bulldog and French bulldog owners now emphasize pain prevention, considering it the foremost standard of care.

The enhanced understanding and increased awareness of the effects of pain on our pets have led to a vastly improved standard of care, marking a departure from traditional methods.

Interactive Alternative Pain Management in Bulldogs:

When seeking relief for short- or long-term pain, numerous bulldog owners now anticipate and insist that their healthcare providers present alternative modalities for pain management alongside or in place of conventional pain control medications.

The prevailing standard of care should encompass both prevention strategies and alternative pain relief modalities.

pain and aches relief bulldog ultimate bundle

Pain and Nerve Specialization in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs:

Your bulldog’s body is a complex network of nerves, each with a specialized purpose. These nerves can be broadly categorized into three main types:

1. Bulldog Motor Nerves:

Imagine these as the conductors of your bulldog’s orchestra. They send signals from the brain to the muscles, telling them when to move and how. This allows your bully to navigate the world with agility and perform activities such as

  • run
  • jump
  • play
  • lick your face
  • tail wagging

2. Bulldog Proprioception Nerves:

Think of these as your bulldog’s internal GPS. They provide a constant stream of information about the position and movement of each body part, even without your bulldog seeing or actively touching them.

This helps your bulldog maintain the following:

  • balance
  • coordination
  • posture
  • navigate tight spaces with ease

3. Bulldog Pain Receptors:

These are the sentinels guarding your bulldog’s well-being. They’re like tiny alarm bells scattered throughout the body, constantly on the lookout for potential threats like

  • heat
  • pressure,
  • injury

When stimulated, they send a rapid signal to the brain, triggering a protective response like

  1. flinching
  2. yelping
  3. withdrawing from the source of pain.

In short, your bulldog’s different nerve functions work together like a symphony, keeping them moving, aware, and safe. 

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs TRANSMISSION:

Once the injury and stimulus occur, nerve endings rapidly transmit a message to your bulldog’s brain for processing.

A prevalent misconception is that bulldogs and French bulldogs are unaffected by pain and don’t experience suffering like humans. In reality, your bulldog senses and experiences pain in a manner similar to you

Bulldogs and French bulldogs share the same basic pain-processing systems as humans. They suffer the same physical and emotional responses to discomfort and injury.

While their expressions might be less obvious than ours, they are still suffering as we do. These can include changes in behavior, like

  • whining
  • licking and biting at the painful area
  • decreased activity
  • aggression
  • inactivity
  • Grouchy

Bulldog Pain and REFLEX

Occasionally, to expedite the response to pain, it becomes essential to bypass the spinal cord and brain, aiming for rapid reactions. For instance, when swiftly withdrawing from touching a hot surface, the immediate response occurs through faster, localized pathways.


Here are some common pre-programmed reflexes:

  • Blink reflex
  • Knee-jerk reflex:
  • Hot surface reflex

These reflexes are like your bulldog’s own security system, constantly on guard, ready to react without needing conscious thought.

Knowing about your bulldog’s reflexes can help you interpret their behavior and keep them safe. Remember reflexes are essential for your bulldog’s survival.


Bulldog pain may manifest as:

  • Acute or chronic
  • Localized or diffused
  • Slow and dull
  • Instant or delayed
  • Mild, moderate, or severe.


Due to your bulldog’s inability to communicate verbally, assessing the location, degree, or intensity of pain is not always straightforward. For instance, even in the presence of severe dental pain, your bulldog might persist in eating, as it is a fundamental survival instinct.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs spondylosis

Pain in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs COMMON CAUSES:

  • STRETCHING & TEARING: tendons, ligaments (ACL tears), bowels, bladder.
  • TRAUMA: fracture, blunt force, hit by a car, dog bite.
  • CHEMICAL & THERMAL: cold or heat, sunburn, burns, frostbite.
  • ISCHEMIA & NECROSIS: cancerous tissue, snake bites, dog & cat bites, severe allergic reactions.
  • INFLAMMATION & INFECTION: Anything within an “itis” ending, such as:
    • Osteoarthritis: bones & joints
    • Cellulitis: cells, skin
    • Myositis: muscles
    • Gingivitis, Stomatitis, and Periodontitis
    • Anal gland sacculitis, impaction, abscess
    • Otitis ears disease
    • Prostatitis prostate disease
    • Dermatitis is a skin disease


  • VOCALIZATION: yell, growl, howl, cry
  • STRESS RESPONSE: faster heart rate, dilated pupils, rapid breathing
  • BEHAVIOR: hide, anorexia, decreased activity, anxiety, chewing and biting, abnormal sleeping, agitation, growling, aggression
  • DROOLING: gastrointestinal, dental disease, oral tumors, abscessed teeth
  • LIMP & DRAG: Abnormal movement, Limp, unusual gait, abnormal posture, refusal to stand or refuse to lay down (hip dysplasia, patella luxation, IVDD, hemivertebra)
  • SQUINTING & BLINKING: corneal ulcer, glaucoma, uveitis, distichiasis, dry eye
  • SHAKING & QUIVERING: back problems, anal gland impaction, nerve compression
  • URINATING & STRAINING: bladder stones, cystitis, UTI, constipation
  • PANTING & BREATHING: Abnormal breathing


  • PALPATION & GATE: joints, bone, back
  • ORAL EXAM: teeth and bone
  • RADIOGRAPHS & ULTRASOUND: bones, joints, teeth, abdomen, chest
  • CT SCAN & MRI: back, disc, bone, head
  • CYTOLOGY & BIOPSY: tumors and masses
  • CULTURES: infected sites, urine, blood
  • BLOOD & URINE: for general baseline

Pain and Pain Control in Bulldogs OVERLOOKED CONDITIONS:

Paradoxically, it’s not rare to observe low pain scores associated with some of the most painful medical conditions in bulldogs and French bulldogs.

Regrettably, these painful conditions are sometimes mistakenly deemed “normal” or “acceptable,” even by seasoned professionals and experienced bulldog owners.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs periodentitis

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs is often overlooked, at times ignored, and frequently inadequately controlled.

Here are some common bulldog medical conditions associated with pain:


Bulldog ear disease is widespread among the breed, and unfortunately, it is commonly deemed “normal,” receiving inadequate attention and insufficient pain management.

We must challenge the normalization of ear disease pain and advocate for their right to proper relief.


Skinfold moist dermatitis, a frequent challenge for bulldogs, frequently remains unnoticed, concealing its most severe effects within the folds and crevices of their tails. This condition, easily overlooked, can result in unaddressed ulcerations, infections, and intense pain, creating a chronic ordeal for these cherished dogs.

Bulldog Tail Fold Dermatitis” is a painful, festering wound hidden in the folds of your bulldog’s tail

Daily preventive wiping and  pain management are critical:

  • V4B Bully Antiseptic Skinfold XL Wipes
  • V4B Bully Comfort and AcheLess
  • NSAID’s and other analgesic prescription drugs


The mouths, gums, and teeth of bulldogs can harbor painful diseases that are frequently dismissed or overlooked. These may include conditions such as “Bulldog Periodontitis”, Bulldog Gingivitis”, stomatitis, and other various dental issues:

  • broken teeth
  • infected roots
  • exposed bone
  • ulcerative lesions
  • oral tumors

Many pet owners wrongly assume that if their dog is eating, it implies they are free from pain, not realizing that evolutionary instincts drive dogs to eat despite pain for survival.

Another common misconception is relying on visual inspections to gauge a lack of pain. The true extent of the disease is concealed from the naked eye and lies beneath the gum line. A comprehensive evaluation, including dental radiographs, both of which necessitate an examination under anesthesia,.

Preventing and caring for dental pain includes:

Bulldog Immune Support Plus

  • Dental prophy with dental radiograph screening
  • Avoid hard toys and chews
  • Routine mechanical teeth brushing
  • Wiping stuck gingival hair

V4B Antiseptic Dental Wipe for Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

  • Dental rinses and water additives
    • V4B Bully Dental PlqueLess Water Additive
  • Analgesics

Wellcome to Our “Prevention Over RX” Bulldog Cummunity

Eng Bulldog V4B comfort and Painless handout


Many common bulldog orthopedic problems can result in the development of painful degenerative joint disease and chronic osteoarthritis.

These include:

  1. Bulldog Elbow Dysplasia
  2. Bulldog ACL Tears
  3. Bulldog Medial Patellar Luxation
  4. Hip Dysplasia
  5. Spondylosis

spondylosis arthritis of the vertebra in bulldogs

The wear and tear on periarticular cartilage in bones and joints leads to the formation of:

  • bone spears
  • reactive bone
  • joint fluid accumulation
  • swelling
  • chronic inflammation.

Unfortunately, some owners may mistakenly perceive chronic pain as laziness or simply a sign of their bulldog “getting old.”

Prevention and care for degenerative joint disease and arthritis include:

  1. Weight management
  2. Moderate Activity
  3. Bully Therapeutics
    • V4B HEMP Mobility
    • V4B Total Joint Formula
    • V4B Fish Oil EFA joint-immune-skin
    • V4B Bully Comfort and AcheLess
    • NSAIDs and other analgesics prescription drugs

bulldog hemp mobility for pain and comfort



Bulldog urinary tract disease can be very painful, including

bladder bulldog cystotomy and cystine stone removal

Preventive and care for urinary track medical conditions include:

  1. Prescription diets
  2. Proper hydration
  3. Neutering
  4. Bully Therapeutics
    • V4B Bully Urinary Health
    • V4B Bully Comfort
    • V4B Bully Antiseptic Skinfolds XL Wipes
    • NSAIDs and other analgesics prescription drugs

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Fr. Bulldog V4B Urinary health Formula Handout


Many bulldog owners are not familiar with anal gland disease and how painful it can be, it can manifest as an

  • Infection
  • Abscess
  • Impaction
  • Tumor

Prevention and care for anal gland disease include the following:

  • Quality diet
  • Lean body weight
  • Proper tailfold hygiene
  • Bulldog therapeutics
    • V4B Bully Gentle Move & Anal Gland Care Chews
    • V4B Bully Skinfold Antiseptic XL Wipes
    • V4B Comfort & AcheLess Chews
    • V4B Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes
    • NSAIDs and other analgesic prescription drugs

Bulldog antiseptic skinfold wipe XL

Pain can lead to bulldog hypersensitivity, stress, and anxiety, which will amplify the pain, slow healing, and directly affect your bulldog’s wellness and quality of life.

Start prevention and pain control EARLY

Bulldog and French Bulldogs Pain and Pain Control TIMING:

I suggest adopting a holistic approach that incorporates, as necessary, elements like weight management, a high-quality diet, traditional prescription treatments, as well as neuromodulation and modern pain relief modalities.

This should encompass alternative and integrative therapies, including:

  • Supplements & nutraceuticals
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Other new-age, cutting-edge modalities.

Pain and Pain Control in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs PREVENTION 

Listed here are some of the common bulldog pain control modalities:

Bulldog Therapeutic Supplements & Nutraceuticals


  1. V4B Bully Comfort Plus Formula Chews. See HERE
  2. V4b Bully Advanced Total Joint Formula Chews. See HERE
  3. V4B Bully Fish Oil EFA Joints-Immune-Skin Chews. See HERE
  4.  V4B Economical Bully COMFORT & PAINLESS bundles. See HERE
  5. V4B Bully Advance Hemp Mobility HERE

bulldog total joint care advance formula 120 chew


  1. V4B Bully StressLess Plus. See HERE
  2. V4B Bully Probiotics Plus. See HERE
  3. V4B Bully Comfort Plus Formula See HERE
  4. V4B Economical Bully CALM & STRESSLESS bundles. See HERE

Bulldog hemp relax


  1. V4B Bully Immune Support.  See HERE
  2. V4B Bully Urinary Support See HERE


  • LASER THERAPY: Class 4 Laser: Cold Laser Therapy
  • tPEMT: targeted Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy
  • PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma
  • STEM CELL THERAPY & CRYOBANKING: Regenerative Medicine Therapy



FDA-approved CBD (cannabidiol) Oils and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) Most CBD oils are from the hemp plant, have a high safety rating, and have been shown to improve and help multiple conditions in bulldogs and French bulldogs.


Unfortunately, non-hemp cannabis CBD is still considered illegal for sale by veterinarians, and in some states, veterinarians are not even allowed to talk about CBD & THC merits and risks.

As always, you should follow my “do no harm rule,”  do your due diligence, and only buy from a reputable pharmacy that sells FDA-approved products.

WARNING: Bulldogs are highly sensitive to the psychoactive component of THC.


  1. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: NSAID ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory)
  2. ANALGESICS: Gabapentin
  3. ANXIETY: tramadol, trazodone (selective serotonin uptake inhibitors)
  4. OPIATES: fentanyl patch, others

A prevalent misconception is that bulldogs and French bulldogs are unaffected by pain and don’t experience suffering like humans.

Hiding an injury could mean avoiding becoming prey. This instinct, however, doesn’t translate seamlessly to our modern domesticated world. In today’s safe havens, pain often stems from chronic conditions like hip dysplasia, skin allergies, or dental issues. Ignoring these silent battles doesn’t offer any evolutionary advantage; it simply allows suffering to fester in the shadows.

Bulldog Pain and Pain Relief TIPS & WARNINGS:

Below are selective pain relief tips & warnings courtesy of Dr. Kraemer

Pain Control for SURGERY TIP:

My pain control protocols for pre-operative, operative, and post-operative patient care offer a balanced blend, ensuring patients minimal anxiety and discomfort.

Bulldogs and French bulldogs undergoing surgery deserve the same level of care and consideration as if they were human patients.

Bulldog Pain Relief MUST INCLUDE TIP:

Bulldog pain relief management should include a

  • stress-free environment
  • optimal temperature control
  • proper ventilation
  • proper sanitation
  • comfortable bedding
  • proper hydration.


For bulldog pain relief, especially in chronic cases, I like to combine integrative alternative therapies that include supplements and cutting-edge new age pain relief modalities. An example would be post-op cold laser therapy. Laser therapy can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance healing.

Bulldog Pain Control EFFECT ON HEALING TIP: 

Pain control is critical for healing

 Effective and adequate pain management  will speed up the healing and recovery process

Pain Management with COLD & HOT COMPRESS TIP:

Just as in people, cold & hot compresses can ease pain and help reduce inflammation. 

Pain Prevention via WIGHT CONTROL:

Weight control can help prevent and manage chronic pain. Common painful conditions that are associated with weight are orthopedics and back problems

Bulldog Pain Relief and DIET TIP:

Good nutrition can help prevent and manage pain.  

Pain Control and LOVE:

Emotional care must be part of your bulldog pain management.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs ear disease

Abundance of love, attention, and playtime are essential elements for pain relief and quality of life.

Pain Affects Quality of Life WARNING:

Chronic pain will likely impact your bulldog’s quality of life and life expectancy.

Pain Negative Impact on HEALING WARNING:

Lack of pain control will affect your bulldog and French bulldog wound healing and could slow recovery from surgery and/or disease.

Pain Impact on STRESS and IMMUNITY:

Insufficient pain control can elevate stress and anxiety in your bulldog, negatively affecting their immune system. Consequently, this could heighten the risk of infections and septicemia.

Bulldog Pain Relief OTC WARNING:

Over-the-counter pain medication should never be used without consulting your vet. These drugs should never be given without consulting with your veterinarian.

Misuse or overdosage with these Rx medications may result in serious illness and side effects.

Adequate Pain Control and  CRYING:

Some bulldog owners assume that a lack of audible complaining equates with what they perceive as a painless condition. Among the common bulldog, erroneous perceived painless conditions are

  • Ear disease
  • Tail fold skin fold dermatitis
  • Dental disease
  • Anal Gland Disease

Bulldogs Not Feeling Pain WARNING:

Certain bulldog owners mistakenly attribute painful conditions to mere “old age,” overlooking signs such as favoring a leg, limping, reluctance to climb stairs and slow rising from recumbency, which is indicative of chronic pain.

Pain Due to Ear Disease WARNING:

Ear infections are prevalent among bulldogs and are a frequent cause of acute and chronic pain. Besides routine ear cleaning for Bulldogs, it is often necessary to incorporate adequate pain control measures.

 Bully medicated ear health kit and regular rinsing & cleaning with prescribed otic medication will help control the disease.


Bulldogs and French bulldogs often suffer from a deep tail pocket, which leads to chronic discomfort and pain.

As a bulldog owner, you must keep those folds dry and infection-free.

Antiseptic and antifungal wipes and rinses like Dr. Kramer’s Skin Fold wipe should be used daily, Severe cases will need pain control medication in addition to daily topical care.

Bulldog pain REST & CONFINEMENT:

Ironically and regrettably, some bulldogs and French bulldogs are discontinued from pain relief for misguided reasons. A common example is the fear that administering pain medication might mask the pain, potentially worsening the bulldog’s condition.

The appropriate solution is to maintain your bulldog on the pain management protocol while simultaneously confining and restricting their activities.

Bulldog Pain Control Ethical Dilemma

Insufficiently controlled pain, despite following all recommendations and modern pain management protocols, can present an ethical quandary.

When a pet’s quality of life is significantly diminished, the discussion of humane euthanasia as a means to end suffering becomes relevant and should be considered.

This unfortunate ethical dilemma is something that every pet owner may encounter, and in specific situations, it is a compassionate alternative that should be explored. You should feel at ease discussing this moral dilemma with your bulldog’s medical team.

Additionally, seeking more information about new-age pain control options before making a final decision is advisable.

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