Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking “The Future Of Veterinary Medicine”

By: Dr. Roy Kraemer |
DVM, Bulldog Specialist Veterinarian

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking is the future of preventative veterinary medicine.

Extracting and storing your bulldog puppy, or kitten stem cells at a young age during an elective surgery  like spays or neutering is very

  • Simple,
  • Quick
  • Low cost
  • Safe
  • Extremely beneficial to your pet’s future well-being.

Think about it as a low-cost insurance policy whereby you are storing your pet’s own anti-inflammatory repair cell to be called at a day’s notice as a treatment for a wide range of medical illnesses.

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking is the future of preventative veterinary medicine.

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking and Anesthesia Safety:


Stem cell therapy can help eliminate the cost and risks of long anesthesia.

ELECTIVE SURGERIES: By harvesting tissue for stem cells while your pet is under general anesthesia for another procedure (spay & neuter, cherry eye, entropion, tail amputation, elongated soft palate, stenotic nares, orthopedics like Medial Patella Luxation and Anterior Cruciate Tare, Cesarean, etc.), you are eliminating the cost and risk of future anesthesia.

AGING RISKS: Eliminating Age-Related Anesthetic Risks, the risks of an adverse event occurring during anesthesia are higher as your pet grows older

DURATION: Minimal Extra Anesthetic, harvesting the adipose tissue for the cryobanked stem cells is a quick procedure that only adds a few minutes to the elected anesthetic protocol.

 When my two daughters were born my wife and I elected to cryobank their stem cells. As new parents we were grateful that this life saving regenerative technology existed.

This cutting edge therapeutic “health insurance” is the greatest gift a parent and now a pet owner can give her or his child (pet).  Dr. R.J. Kraemer (Dr. Kraemer is the founder of Vet4Bulldog and StemCell4Pet)

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking Extraction and Processing: 

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking Collection: Dr. Kraemer will collect a small amount of fat during the elective procedure (adipose tissue has an abundant amount of stem cells).

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking Shipment: The tissue will be shipped by UPS overnight to a nearby cryopreservation medical center.

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking Extraction & Cell Count: Upon arrival, the cryobank stem call  laboratory will utilize a bright field microscopy and multi-channel fluorescence imaging to generate cell counts and fluorescence data

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking Report: A report will be emailed to you, showing how many live, active stem cells there are and cell-per-gram ratios, which are typically 5-20 million cells/gram.

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking: The temperature used for storing your pet’s hematopoietic stem cells is minus 185 degrees Celsius. The stem cells are stored in nitrogen vapor instead of liquid nitrogen to reduce the risk of contamination.

Stem Cell Cryobanking for Pets. Stem Cell Therapy for IBD for pets

Researchers believe that stem cells hold the key to managing many diseases. Right now, regenerative medicine is labeled to treat only arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases, but researchers are looking at stem cells to help treat internal medicine problems, such as atopy and inflammatory bowel disease.

Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking Common Therapeutic Applications

Cryobanked Stem cell count report by Dr. Kraemer

Cryobanked Stem cell count report

  1. Arthritis in dogs and cats
  2. Chornic Pain in dogs and cats
  3. ACL Tears and Injuries in dogs and cats
  4. MPL(medial (medial patella luxation) in dogs and cats
  5. Hip Dyspepsia in dogs and cats
  6. Elbow Dysplasia
  7. IBD (inflammatory Bowel Disease) in dogs and cats
  8. Atopic Itch Allergic Dermatitis
  9. Kidney disease
  10. Mylopathy in dogs and cats (Degenerative Myelopathy)
  11. Polyarthritis
  12. KCSin Bulldog and French Bulldogs
  13. Other

 Pets Stem Cell Cryobanking is Ready to Go on a Day Notice

Stem Cell Thawing: When the time comes that your pet, bulldog or French bulldog can benefit from his or her stored stem cells, you will contact Cryobank and arrange for the shipment. Upon arrival to Dr. Kraemer’s hospital, your pet’s cells are thawed rapidly at 37 degrees Celsius to ensure viability. At least 80 percent of the cells are viable after thawing, and usually, 90 percent or more are viable.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma): After the cells are thawed and the preservation media washed away, Dr. Kraemer’s lab technician will draw platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your pet’s blood and add it to the stem cells to provide extra growth factors to give the cells the best chance for new tissue differentiation.

Stem Cell Activation: Your pet’s stem cell activation is done using LED light technology.

Stem Cell Injection: Following activation, the supercharged stem cell solution is then injected intra-articularly (i.e., directly into arthritic joints) as well as intravenously. This is a same-day procedure with no serious side effects, extensive recovery time, or confinement needed.

Cryobanking Stem Cells for Pets Outcome: Given the right conditions in an animal’s body, stem cells can differentiate into various cell types, such as cartilage, bone and muscle, connective tissue, endothelium, pancreatic cells, etc.

“We do what the top universities around the world are doing with human cell tissue, Vapor is a cleaner approach over liquid nitrogen and eliminates contamination.”

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