COVID-19 Impact on Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

COVID-19 Impact on bulldogs and French Bulldogs: MOST RECENT UPDATE

If you have not read the “Corona Virus Transmission and Risks in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs” March article, please see HERE

April 2020 A tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York has tested positive for COVID-19, the 4-year-old Malayan tiger named Nadia. The tiger most likely contracted it from a POSITIVE COVID-19 zookeeper.

Pets overseas have also tested positive in recent weeks for the virus that causes COVID-19. A dog in Hong Kong testing positive for COVID-19 in Feb. Scientists with the World Health Organization said the dog had weak positive results of the virus, but it’s still not confirmed if the dog was infected with the virus or had it on its body’s surface. Like humans, the dog was quarantined.

COVID-19 Impact on Bulldogs and French Bulldogs TRANSMISSION & ILLNESS:

COVID-19 transmission is human-to human, but fomites could play a role because we now know that the virus can survive for limited times in the environment and on surfaces. Your bulldog fur is an unlikely fomite because it is not smooth but rather porous, making it hard to contract via simple touch.

COVID-19 Impact on Bulldogs and French Bulldogs More Play Less Calories

As of now, there is NO evidence that companion pets can spread the virus to humans.

There are NO reported cases of any dogs or cats with symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 Impact on Bulldogs and French Bulldogs EMERGENCY KIT:

FOOD: Minimum 2 weeks supply of food (especially if your pet is on a special or prescription diet)

MEDICAL RECORD: Copy of medical record (vaccines, microchip number, flea and heartworm, other critical RX your pets are on)

ID: microchip info and collar ID

DAILY CARE: simple instructions concerning the daily care of your pet (feeding time, walks, bathroom habits, etc)

TRANSPORTATION: leash, harness, cage, crate, bed

If no one at your home is ill with COVID-19 you can interact with your bulldog as nomral, nevertheless you should continue to practice good hygiene BEFORE & AFTER interaction with your pets

WASH HANDS: Wash hands before and after interacting with your bulldog, including when handling food, supplies, and waste.BATH: Ensure your pet is kept clean. Use a soothing shampoo like Dr. Kraemer’s V4B Bully Oatmeal Aloe Soothing Shampoo or V4B Bully Hypoallergenic Shampoo

COVID-19 Impact on Bulldogs and French Bulldogs exercise

BULLDOG BELONGING: Regularly wash your bulldog’s food and water bowls, bedding, blankets, and toys.

COVID-19 Impact on Bulldogs and French Bulldogs STRESS & ANXIETY:

Bulldogs, dogs, and cats are highly sensitive to their owner’s states of mind. Tense bulldog owners project their concerns to their pets, which often translate to how their pet act during my exams. Today chaotic times might bring on changes to your bulldog and French bulldog’s living space and daily habits, which can be mentally and physically taxing to them.  For many bulldogs it means limited doggy park time, limited socialization, limited walks, and scarce supplies such as their regular diets with less than perfect substitution.

Solution YOU: Try to relax and go outside to a safe area for fresh air and exercise; whatever works for you will immediately benefit your pet.COVID-19 Impact on Bulldogs and French Bulldogs digestion bundle


  1. PLAYTIME: offer extended playtime
  2. EXERCISE: go out for a walk with your bulldog while maintaining safe social distancing.
  3. MASSAGE & BRUSHING: soothing grooming
  4. SOFT MUSIC / ESSENTIAL OILS: we use that success in our boarding kennel and rescue dogs
  5. SAFE TOYS: puzzle toys are ideal
  6. PLAY WITH OTHER PETS: If you can keep yourself at a safe distance from the owner of the other pet, interaction with other pets is beneficial.
  7. SPACE: Remember to give your pets their “space” and rest time. Ask your kids to be respectful and considerate. Provide a “Safe Zone /People Free Zone” if needed.
  8. SNIFF TIME: bulldogs related to the world via sniffing, don’t deprive them of that important ritual of doing walks.
  9. SEPARATION ANXIETY: Daily dedicated time away from your bulldog might help to prevent post-COVID-19 separation anxiety.
  10. SUPPLEMENTS: like Dr. Kraemers V4B Bully Calm & StressLess Chews and V4B Bully Calm & StressLess Bundles

COVID-19 Effect on bulldogs and French Bulldogs DIET

OVERFEEDING: with everyone at home, treats and feedings could easily become excessive. Too much food,  table scraps, dietary substitutions due to limited supply, and too many treats can all lead to additional calories, digestive problems, and even food allergies.

Stress and inactivity will exasperate the gastrointestinal and overweight risks.

Solution YOU: monitor feeding, calories, and weight, limit treats and table scraps

COVID-19 Effect on bulldogs and French Bulldogs Patient Care


ACTIVITY: Walks and Exercise

FOOD: Quality balanced diet

ROUTINE: keep the feeding times the same as before (you can just give less)

SUPPLEMENTS: especially if you had to change your bulldog diet or/and your bulldog is showing distress and digestive problems like diarrhea, constipation, and gas.

“An ounce of PREVENTIVE is worth a pound of CURE.”


Dr. Kraemer & The Vet4Bulldog Team

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