Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs over the last few decades our perception of pain and how it impacts our pet’s quality of life has dramatically changed

In contrast to pain management of the past, today’s owners of bulldogs and French bulldogs demand pain prevention as the standard of care.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs PREVENTION:

The newfound knowledge and heightened awareness of pain and its impact on our pets paved the way for a much-improved standard of care


Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs INTEGRATIVE MANAGEMENT:

When short- or long-term pain relief is needed, many bulldog owners expect, and demand, that their health professional offers alternative modalities for pain relief and long-term pain management as a replacement to the mainstream utilization of prescription drugs as the only means to control pain.

The standard of care for chornic pain must include PREVENTION.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs ORIGIN:

Bulldog pain originates from a nerve type that is specialized in sensory deliverance (other nerve specializations are motor and proprioception). The pain receptors are placed all over your bulldog’s body, organs, surfaces, and structures. When stimulated, they provide an instant warning and call for action.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Just like humans, bulldog pain is initiated by a wide range of medical conditions.

Your bulldog senses pain just as you do

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs TRANSMISSION:

Once the injury and stimulus occur, your bulldog’s nerve endings rapidly transmit a message to your bulldog’s brain for processing.

REFLEX: at times, for a rapid response, the message is transmitted locally which allows an instant and immediate response (a shorter travel time provides for a quicker response). An example would be a quick response to touching a hot surface.


Bulldog pain can be:

  • ACUTE  or/and CHRONIC
  • LOCALIZED as well as DIFFUSE
  • SLOW or FAST

Your bulldog pain intensity might be mild, moderate, or severe.

Since your bulldog can not talk, it is not always easy to gauge the location, degree, and/or intensity.

For example, since eating is a survival mechanism, your bulldog might continue to eat despite suffering from severe dental pain.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs spondylosis

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs COMMON CAUSES:

  • STRETCHING & TEARING: tendons, ligaments (ACL tears), bowels, bladder.
  • TRAUMA: fracture, blunt force, hit by a car, dog bite.
  • CHEMICAL & THERMAL: cold or heat, sunburn, burns, frostbite.
  • ISCHEMIA & NECROSIS: cancerous tissue, snake bite, dog & cat bites, severe allergic reaction.
  • INFLAMMATION & INFECTION: Anything within an “itis” ending, such as:
    • Osteoarthritis:b bones & joints
    • Cellulitis: cells, skin
    • Myositis: muscles
    • Gingivitis, Stomatitis, Periodontitis: Oral, Dental, Teeth
    • Anal gland sacculitis: Anal gland impaction, abscess
    • Otitis: ears
    • Prostatitis: prostate
    • Dermatitis: Skin


  • VOCALIZATION: yell, growl, howl, cry
  • STRESS RESPONSE: faster heart rate, dilated pupils, rapid breathing
  • BEHAVIOR: hide, anorexia, decreased activity, anxiety, chewing and biting, abnormal sleeping, agitation, growling, aggression
  • DROOLING: gastrointestinal, dental disease, oral tumors, abscessed teeth
  • LIMP & DRAG: Abnormal movement, Limp, unusual gait, abnormal posture, refusal to stand or refuse to lay down (hip dysplasia, patella luxation, IVDD, hemivertebra)
  • SQUINTING & BLINKING: corneal ulcer, glaucoma, uveitis, distichiasis, dry eye
  • SHAKING & QUIVERING: back problems, anal gland impaction, nerve compression
  • URINATING & STRAINING: bladder stones, cystitis, UTI, constipation
  • PANTING & BREATHING: Abnormal Breathing


  • PALPATION & GATE: joints, bone, back
  • ORAL EXAM: teeth and bone
  • RADIOGRAPHS & ULTRASOUND: bones, joints, teeth, abdomen, chest
  • CT SCAN & MRI: back, disc, bone, head
  • CYTOLOGY & BIOPSY: tumors and masses
  • CULTURES: infected sites, urine, blood
  • BLOOD & URINE: for general baseline

Pain and Pain Control in Bulldogs OVERLOOKED CONDITIONS:

Ironically, it is not uncommon to find low pain scores assigned to some of the most painful bulldog and French bulldog medical conditions.

Erroneously and unfortunately too often those bulldog painful conditions are considered “Normal” and “OK” even by the professionals and experienced bulldog owners.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs periodentitis

Bulldog pain is often overlooked, at times ignored, and frequently inadequately controlled.

Here are some common bulldog medical conditions associated with pain:


Bulldog Chronic Ear Infection (“Bulldog Otitis”, ”Bulldog Yeasty Ear Infection” ) IS PAINFUL


Bulldog’s chronic tail disease (“Bulldog Tail Fold Dermatitis”) IS PAINFUL


Bulldog Oral and Dental Disease (“Bulldog Periodontitis”, Bulldog Gingivitis” “Bulldog Broken Teeth”) IS PAINFUL


Bulldog Chronic Arthritis (“Bulldog Degenerative Joint Disease”) IS PAINFUL


Bulldog Urinary Tract Infection & Inflammation “Bulldog Bladder Stones”, “Bulldog Urinary Tract Infection”)IS PAINFUL


Anal Gland Impaction IS PAINFUL


(“Bulldog Elbow Dysplasia” “Bulldog ACL Tears”, “Bulldog Medial Patellar luxation”,) IS PAINFUL

Those painful bulldog medical conditions, and others like them, can lead to bulldog hypersensitivity, stress, and anxiousness, which will amplify the pain, slow healing, and directly affect your bulldog’s wellness and quality of life.

Bulldog and French Bulldogs Pain and Pain Control TIMING:

Pain control must begin EARLY to avoid emotional and physical harm. I recommend a holistic approach that combines, when needed, weight control, quality diet,  Rx traditional treatment, as well as neuromodulation and new age pain relief modalities,

Those should include alternative and integrative therapies, such as supplements & nutraceuticals, regenerative medicine, and other new-age, cutting-edge modalities.

dr. Kreame'rs V4B bulldog pain control bundle

Pain and Pain Control in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs PREVENTION 

Listed here are some of the common bulldog pain control modalities:




  1. V4B Bully Comfort Plus Formula Chews. See HERE
  2. V4b Bully Advanced Total Joint Formula Chews. See HERE
  3. V4B Bully Fish Oil EFA Joints-Immune-Skin Chews. See HERE
  4.  V4B Economical Bully COMFORT & PAINLESS bundles. See HERE


  1. V4B Bully StressLess Plus. See HERE
  2. V4B Bully Probiotics Plus. See HERE
  3. V4B Bully Comfort Plus Formula See HERE
  4. V4B Economical Bully CALM & STRESSLESS bundles. See HERE


  1. V4B Bully Immune Support.  See HERE
  2. V4B Bully Urinary Support See HERE


  • LASER THERAPY: Class 4 Laser: Cold Laser Therapy
  • tPEMT: targeted Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy
  • PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma
  • STEM CELL THERAPY & CRYOBANKING: Regenerative Medicine Therapy


FDA-approved CBD Oils are the ones extracted from the HEMP plant due to their high safety rating and low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

HEMP CBD has been shown to improve and help multiple conditions in bulldogs and French bulldogs.

Bulldog and Fr. Bulldog Hemp Pain Control


Non-Hemp cannabis CBD is still considered illegal.


As always, you should follow our “do no harm rule” do your due diligence, and only buy from a reputable pharmacy that sells FDA-approved products.

WARNING: Bulldogs are highly sensitive to the psychoactive component of THC.


  1. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: NSAID ( non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory)
  2. ANALGESICS: Gabapentin
  3. ANXIETY: tramadol, trazodone (selective serotonin uptake inhibitors)
  4. OPIATES: fentanyl patch, others

A common myth is that bulldogs and French bulldogs are indifferent to pain and don’t suffer as we do.

Pack animals are wired to hide the pain. In the wild hiding, an injury and ignoring pain has an evolutionary advantage and would have protected your bulldog or French bulldog standing in their respective pack.Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Comfort Plus Extra Strenght Formula


Bulldog and French Bulldog Pain TIPS:

Tip #1 SURGERY: My pre-op/operative/post-op patient-care protocols provide the right mix of remedies that grant our bulldog patients a calm state of mind, minimal anxiety, and minimal discomfort.

Bulldogs and French bulldogs undergoing surgery should receive the same consideration as though they were humans. 

Tip #2 OPTIMAL CONDITIONS: Bulldog pain relief management should include

  • STRESS-FREE: stress-free environment
  • OPTIMAL TEMP: optimal temperature control
  • VENTILATION: proper ventilation
  • SANITATION: proper sanitation
  • BEDDING: comfortable bedding
  • HYDRATION: proper hydration.

Tip #3 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: For bulldog pain relief, especially for chronic cases, I like to combine integrative alternative therapies that include:

  • THERAPEUTIC SUPPLEMENTS: such as Dr. Kremer’s bully HEMP CBD, bully comfort & acheLess, bully total joint, etc
  • OTHER PAIN RELIEF MODALITIES: cutting-edge new age pain relief modalities such as stem cell therapy, laser, PEMT etc

Example Laser Therapy: Following ear canal resection surgery (TECA) for a bulldog with an end-stage ear canal. Laser Therapy helps relieve pain, reduce inflammation and enhance healing

Tip #4 HEALING: Effective and adequate pain management in bulldogs recovering from surgery will speed up the healing and recovery process

Bulldog pain control helps with healing and speedy recovery from injury.

Tip #5  COMPRESS: just as in people, cold & hot compresses can be used to help inflammation

 Tip #6 WIGHT CONTROL: Weight control can help prevent and manage chronic pain.

 Tip #4 DIET: Good nutrition can help prevent and manage pain.

 Tip #7 LOVE: Emotional care must be part of your bulldog pain management.

Pain and Pain Relief in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs ear disease

Abundance of love, attention, and playtime are essential elements for pain relief and quality of life.

Bulldog and French Bulldog Pain WARNINGS:

Warning #1 LIFE: Untreated pain is likely to impact your bulldog’s quality of life and life expectancy.

Warning #2 HEALING: Lack of pain control will affect your bulldog and French bulldog wound healing, and could slow recovery from surgery and/or disease.

Warning #3 STRESS & IMMUNE: Lack of pain control will increase your bulldog’s stress and anxiety which will impact adversely his/her immune system, therefore, might increase the chance of infections and septicemia.

Warning #4 OTC: “over the counter” pain medication should never be used without consulting your vet. These drugs should never be given without consulting with your veterinarian. Misuse or overdosage with these medications may result in serious illness and side effects.

Warning #5 CRYING: some bulldog owners assume that lack of audible complaining equates with what they perceive as a painless condition.

Among the most common bulldog, erroneous perceived painless conditions are:


Warning #6  LIMPING: some bulldog owners erroneously perceived painful conditions as just “old age”, thus failing to recognize favoring a leg, limping, being reluctant to go upstairs, and being slow to raise from recumbency with chronic pain.

Warning #7  OTITIS: Bully Ear infections are very common and a common source of acute and chronic pain. In addition to cleaning, and adequate pain control should be discussed and implemented.

 Bully medicated ear health kit and regular rinsing & cleaning with prescribed otic medication will help control the disease.

Warning #8 TAIL FOLD DERMATITIS: Bulldogs and French bulldogs often suffer from a deep tail pocket which leads to chronic discomfort and pain.

As a bulldog owner, you must keep those folds dry and infection-free. Antiseptic/Antifungal wipes and rinses like Dr. Kramer’s Skin Fold wipe should be used daily, Severe cases will need pain control medication in addition to the daily topical care.

Warning #9 DENTAL DISEASE: Bulldogs and French bulldogs with severe periodontal disease, gingivitis, decay, broken teeth, and infected teeth all suffer from pain just as you do.

The fact that they are still eating is due to evolution and how they are genetically wired rather than an indication of a pain-free mouth. A bulldog does not know that a meal would be provided the next day, they are wired to eat even when they are suffering from bad tooth pain, it’s an inborn survival instinct.

Early emphasis on bulldog dental care is critical. Teeth brushing and plaqueLess dental chews are ideal. You can also add a dental antiseptic wipe, or water additives, like Dr. Kraemer’s V4B Aqua Splash, and V4B Bully Antiseptic Wipes

 Warning #10 REST: Ironically and unfortunately some bulldogs and French bulldogs are taken off pain relief for the wrong reasons.

A common example would be “if I give him the pain medication it will mask his pain and my bulldog condition might get worse”.

The solution, of course, is to keep your bulldog on the pain management protocol and at the same time to confine and restrict your bulldog’s activities.


Pain in bulldogs and French bulldogs that are not sufficiently controlled despite adherence to all the recommendations and modern pain management protocols could raise an ethical dilemma.

When the quality of life is severely compromised, human euthanasia as an ending to suffering could and should be discussed. This unfortunate ethical dilemma is something that every pet owner might face, and in certain circumstances is a companionate alternative that should be considered.

You should feel comfortable and safe to share that moral dilemma with your bulldog medical team. You should also ask for more information about new-age pain control modalities before making your final decision.

“An Ounce Of PREVENTION Is Worth A Pound Of CURE”

Skin Fold Dermatitis in Bulldogs and French bulldogs store

*This guide was compiled courtesy of Dr. Kraemer, a “MUST READ” manual for any current or future bully owner.

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