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Dr. Kraemer Bulldogs and French Bulldog Specialist’s life story describes his love of pets and animal care, teaching, academia, veterinary career, bulldog rescue, bulldog specialty, bulldog and French bulldog preventive care, and his multimodular approach to bulldog medicine, care, and wellness.


Both of his parents originated from urban backgrounds: his father, an attorney educated at Harvard Law School, and his mother, a British citizen holding a degree in English literature. They later transitioned to a rural farming community where he was brought up, immersed in the company of animals and pets.


His inaugural pet, a sizable Golden Retriever christened “Big,” boasted a mischievous streak that bordered on legendary. Big possessed an uncanny knack for thievery, particularly for freshly baked delights. “Big” would patiently await the departure of neighbors, then deftly manipulate door handles to gain access to their homes and savor their culinary creations. These exploits were, quite literally, a “piece of cake” for him.


Embarking on his journey toward veterinary medicine, Dr. Kraemer pursued a biology degree and animal science. Concurrently, he delved into the realm of research, serving as a research assistant in the university’s immunology laboratory.

During his summer hiatuses, he assumed the role of a mentor and educator, spearheading a nature program for children at a summer camp nestled in the picturesque Berkshires of upstate New York. He imparted invaluable animal handling and care, combining them with hands-on scientific exploration. Dr. Kraemer also offered captivating field trips, guiding the youngsters through the great outdoors while fostering a deep appreciation for local wildlife in its natural habitat.

The year before starting vet school, he worked at the race track in NYC. Dr. Kraemer also had a short sting at the Jockey Club in Manhattan and spent a few months working with an equine veterinarian specialist at some of the best horse farms in Virginia.

At the end of that year, he moved to Boston and started veterinary school at Tufts University.

Dr. Kraemer Post-Veterinary School:

The East Coast climate didn’t suit his preference for an active outdoor lifestyle. After graduating, he headed west to Southern California.


Dr. Kraemer traveled to a wide range of destinations across the globe, engaging in a myriad of exhilarating activities such as cycling, trekking, skiing, diving, and mountain climbing.

Among the myriad of destinations I explored were:

  • Africa
  • Nepal
  • Brazil
  • New Zealand
  • Thailand
  • and other exotic destinations

Encounters with fellow travelers, indigenous people, and locals in distant lands contributed to his personal growth, fostering an appreciation for diversity and enhancing his communication skills.


Dr. Kraemer Bulldog practice article OC register


Dr. Kraemer’s commitment to the breed extended to supporting and tending to local bulldog rescues, who sought his expertise in veterinary medicine and surgery, providing shelter and assistance for their rescued bulldogs.

Embracing this opportunity wholeheartedly, the vet4bulldog practice integrated rescue efforts into his veterinary practice. This collaboration flourished over years of close work with rescue volunteers and his medical team, tending to extraordinary dogs who had endured significant abuse and neglect.

Assisting in their physical and emotional recovery was a privilege for Dr. Kraemer, who found immense satisfaction in witnessing their remarkable transformations and eventual adoptions into caring homes. Through this endeavor, lasting bonds were formed with volunteers, adoptive families, and foster caretakers, enriching the community dedicated to bulldog rescue.

Dr. Kraemer Reward from sCBR


Recognizing the distinctive medical and surgical needs of brachycephalic breeds, Dr. Kraemer launched the vet4bulldog website. This authoritative online platform provided the bulldog community with a go-to resource that inculcated practical insights, geared to empower owners.

Dr. Kraemer founded vet4bulldog.com, where he began publishing articles, photos, and videos focusing on the prevention, care, and maintenance of bulldogs. He made this preventive care the centerpiece of his teachings, providing a rich resource for bulldog owners seeking expert advice.

therapeutic joint supplement for bulldogs MPL


Recognizing the importance of equipping bulldog owners with practical at-home solutions, Dr. Kraemer developed a range of nonprescription bully topicals and supplements as part of his V4B bulldog maintenance philosophy. These products are designed to be a healthy therapeutic aid for bulldog owners.

  • preventive
  • low cost
  • easy to implement
  • safe 

Dr. Kraemer's bulldog therapeutics lineup

Through collaborations with specialty manufacturers, Dr. Kraemer has continually refined and expanded his line of bully products over the years. He also has new products in development, soon to be released, to further support the health and well-being of bulldogs.

Recently, Dr. Kraemer has invested in upgrading and improving his website, hiring a team of online developers to enhance the user experience and provide even more valuable resources for bulldog owners


Despite the skepticism and naysayers, Dr. Kraemer decided to open a hospital centered on bulldogs and French bulldogs, dedicate it to the breed’s special needs

You have proved the skeptic wrong, the need and demand for a bulldog specialty practice are undisputable.

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