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Dr. Kraemer is currently not at the hospital, he is not holding any medical, managerial, or administrative position.

Please use this secure online form to contact the HOSPITAL CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM

After 30y, Dr. Kraemer sold the practice, he is now fully committed to vet4bulldog and other English bulldog and French bulldog projects.

Since Dr. Kraemer retired, he no longer holds any medical, managerial, or administrative position.

We forward hospital matters to the hospital medical staff and new management.

To reach the hospital CUSTOMER SERVICE please click HERE

For general bully questions feel free to use his “Ask Dr. K / Q & A” platform, we also recommend that you sign up for his FREE monthly bully newsletter. Among others, Dr. Kraemer’s Bully Monthly Newsletter provides for:

  • ALERTS: Dr. K. Articles
  • VIDEOS: New Bull How-To & Tutorial Videos
  • SAVINGS: Special of the Month
  • PROMO’S: Promotions & Gift Cards,
  • BULLY THERAPEUTICS: New Therapeutic Bully Topicals and Supplements Formulations & Bundles.

Please note that you do not have an appointment until you receive a confirmation from us. If your pet is having a medical emergency, please call the nearest emergency hospital.

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