Bulldog Event and Social Gathering MUST-DO MUST-HAVE

Due to the unique medical sensitivities of the bulldog breed, particularly ones concerning airway problems, it’s crucial to make specific preparations and exercise foresight to ensure the safety of rescue events, social gatherings, and outdoor bulldog group activities.

If you are planning a bulldog event, you should adhere to this safety fowling shortlist.

Bulldog Rescue Event Safety

Bulldog Event and Social Gathering: TRANSPORTATION

Offer a shuttle “Uber service” from the parking lot to the event, recognizing that the distance could be exhausting for many bulldogs and stressful for some, especially on a hot and humid day. It can be anything on wheels (electric, handheld 4-wheelers, etc)

bulldog rescue event transportation

Bulldog Event Safety ADEQUATE HYDRATION:

To ensure the well-being of bulldogs, who can quickly overheat, it’s essential to provide adequate hydration, water, and water bottles.

Bulldog event hydration

Bulldog Event Safety COOLING AREA and SHADE

To ensure the well-being of bulldogs, who can quickly overheat, it’s essential to provide ample shade at strategically accessible locations throughout the event area.

Bulldogs and French bulldogs are prone to heat stroke, in addition to water and shade you can add ice and fans

Bulldog Event and Social Gathering Safety HEALTH SCREEN:

If there are going to be physical activities, such as

  • play
  • parades
  • racing

I recommend a health screening for those suffering from  potential airway issues  such as Brachycephalic Syndrom

bulldog event health screen

You should screen those bulldogs exhibiting stridor and stator, noisy bully breathing, and those who seem to stress out with even mild activity or excitement.

Whenever feasible, ensure the presence of a veterinarian and veterinary nurse on-site, equipped with an emergency medical kit. This proactive measure can address health concerns or emergencies that may arise during the event, providing attendees with peace of mind regarding their pets’ well-being.

Have a bulldog veterinarian at the event

Dr. Kraemer Bulldog Expert at a bulldog rescue event

Safety Steps for Bulldog Events: FOOD STATIONS:

Many owners find themselves standing in line with their bulldogs at food stations and vendor locations, often in exposed and crowded areas, causing stress to the pets.

bulldog event shade and food

To address this, ensure there are

  • Offer sufficient locations to help keep short lines
  • Offer “baby seating” for the pets, allowing them to wait comfortably while their owners are in longer lines.

Bulldog Events Fun Ideas: KISSING BOOTH

Kissing Booth: Introduce friendly rescue dogs that offer high-fives and “kisses” for a photo opportunity in exchange for a small donation, perhaps within designated Kissing Booths.


Kissing booth fr bulldog event

Bulldog Events and Social Gathering: FUNDRAISING

Custom Best Outfit Competition: Additionally, set up fundraising sign-ups for custom competitions, such as the best bully outfit, to engage attendees and boost fundraising efforts further.

Bulldog event bust custom

Photo Booth/Photo Op: Have a photographer capture participants and their pets, providing them with a keepsake photo in exchange for a donation. It’s a delightful way to engage attendees while raising funds for the cause.

rescue bulldog event photography

Photography & Videography: offer professional photographers and videographers to capture priceless images of attendees with their bulldogs, with all proceeds from these sessions donated to the rescue cause. It’s a wonderful opportunity for participants to cherish special moments with their pets while supporting the mission of bulldog rescue.

bulldog event derby videography

Food, Drinks, & Deserts: Utilize drinks, food, and desserts as fundraising opportunities by offering them for sale at the event. Guests can indulge in delicious treats while contributing to the fundraising efforts for bulldog rescue.

bulldog event food

Bulldog Events and Social Gathering TIPS

DIRECTIONS: Provide clear directions to the event venue and ensure there is nearby parking available for attendees. Assign volunteers to assist with parking and guide attendees to the main event area, ensuring a smooth and welcoming experience for all participants.

Dr. Kraemer's Bulldog Rescue Pledge

TV NEWS: Reach out to local news outlets to inquire about potential coverage for the event. Inform them about the purpose and significance of the bulldog rescue fundraiser, highlighting any unique or compelling aspects that might interest their audience.

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