Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories

Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories, Felicity Holiday Rescue Matching Pledge is a touching, heartbreaking, pet neglect rescue story, a fundraising plea you will want to join.

“Felicity” is a beautiful, sweet, loving 3-year-old French Bulldog abuse case that was recently rescued. She came to see me for a medical evaluation and urgent treatment.

Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories FELICITY EAR

The most noticeable finding was a large aural tumor that invaded her ear canals leading to severe painful otitis, the worse one was on the right ear but the left ear had similar pathology, a stenotic (closed down), calcified, painful, the diseased end-stage ear canal.

Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories FELICITY ITCH & TAIL

She also suffered from intensely itchy allergic dermatitis and a severe painful ulcerative tail fold moist dermatitis.

Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories TREATMENT

We immediately attended to her discomfort and itching by starting

  • ANALGESICS: pain relief medication
  • AMTOBIOTICSantibiotics
  • ITCH RELIEF: itch control RX
  • TOPICAL: and topical treatment.

Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories DIAGNOSIS

I also took a biopsy from the tumor and started a preliminary diagnosis including a blood test and urine.


With the help and generosity of the bulldog-loving community, SCBR was able to raise enough funds to remove the first tumor the one on her right ear, we also surgically removed the infected calcified right ear canal (TECA w BO), a complex and expensive surgery.


Felicity’s surgery went well, we sent her home to her fostering family to heal and recover. She is coming along nicely and is now ready for her second total ear canal resection and bulla osteotomy (TECA w BO). At the same time,  I am also planning a third operation to remove her abscessed painful infected corkscrew tail.



If you like to read more about Felicity, her rescue, and an update on her condition as documented by her rescuer please continue reading

“It’s the worst case of neglect I’ve ever seen.”, we were told during her initial review of Felicity just recently on 9/20/18. Neglect in the truest sense of the word. What you see in Felicity’s ears is not ‘cauliflower ear’, it’s from ear infection after ear infection that was never treated, as well as, living in filthy, damp conditions in a steel cage too small for her.


Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories ABUSE

From what we can tell, Felicity seems to be a young adult, about 2 -3 years of age. She was bred and sold by a breeder who didn’t do a very good job of screening the people who purchase his puppies and he didn’t stay in touch with the purchaser to make sure the dog was well taken care of throughout its life. It was clear Felicity was bought with the intent of breeding, and having as many puppies as possible.


She lived her life within the confines of a steel cage, with no bedding whatsoever; she lived on wires. And you can see, the result of living on wires, by the scars on her elbows, both front and back legs. Her feet also show the inflammation typically seen on dogs who are not provided appropriate bedding when living in a steel cage. And how do we know Felicity was kept in a steel cage too small for her? Look at the shape of Felicity’s body; it’s curved to fit into a steel cage half her size. When Felicity was first rescued and brought home, she didn’t know how to walk – because she was never taken out of the steel cage she was held a prisoner.


SoCal French Bulldog Rescue became aware of Felicity when I received a call from the veterinarian’s office saying a known breeder was bringing in a dog to be put to sleep because of ear problems. This is how I found out about the breeder and the person who bought Felicity and mistreated her. The owner didn’t want to keep Felicity, now that she was a burden to him, so he took her back to the breeder, said he didn’t want her anymore and the breeder, not wanting to spend the money, said to put her put to sleep. He didn’t even have the decency to stay with the dog; just dropped her off at the vet and said to “…put her to sleep.”The treatment of Felicity was inhumane, unfair, and disgusting.


Thankfully, SoCal French Bulldog Rescue was contacted and Felicity is not in a steel cage anymore, has a lovely bed with tons of blankets, and lives in a clean environment. There is only one thing left to help Felicity: fund the treatment needed to bring Felicity back into health and happiness. Not only do Felicity’s ears hurt, but they also itch to the point of madness.

Heartbreaking Bulldog Rescue Stories POST OP

To help ease her pain, Felicity takes antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-anxiety, and pain medicine. But surgery is what will bring forever relief to Felicity. The estimate for Felicity’s care is included here, totaling between $5,591.70 and $7,518.46, and we have applied for my 501c3 non-profit status and are looking for volunteers to help me foster and care for those French Bulldogs in need. And I am raising funds for Felicity’s surgery, which she so desperately needs.


      Felicity has had her stitches removed and she is over the first step in her recovery!  This is fantastic news and I am very grateful to all of you who have donated and supported Felicity in this process!  Thank you!
      But with good news, there is often bad news and I have bad news about Felicity…. not only does she need surgery on her remaining ear, but come to find out she is in need of a tail amputation.  I was hoping this was not the case, but a tail amputation was confirmed at her last appointment.
      If you haven’t donated to Felicity’s cause, please consider doing so.  A little goes a long way if everyone joins in!!  Thank you from both of me and Felicity.

      December 06, 2018



      Felicity’s surgery was a success and here she is with her bandages off! Nicole is Felicity’s nurse at Pet4HealthyPet and Felicity just loves Nicole! It is stressful dropping Felicity off for such a complicated surgery and having a great nurse like Nicole makes it a little bit easier.
      The next step for Felicity is to recover from her first surgery and address the horrible allergies she lives with while waiting for her second surgery. Although her right ear did have to be removed, her left ear will remain.
      Currently, Felicity is still short donations for her second surgery by $2250!!
      Without this amount of money, Felicity cannot have her second surgery.
      I am begging you to take some of your Holiday spirits and make another, or a first, donation to Felicity’s well-being. Cuddly.com is taking donations and you can go to https://cuddly.com/donate/3106333/feliicty
      to make a donation. Cuddly.com does not take a fee for hosting Felicity’s campaign.
      And I understand many folks are skeptical of funding platforms, so Pet4HealthyPet is still taking donations for Felicity, and you can donate right over the phone to the veterinary clinic doing Felicity’s surgery…………
      A gigantic THANK YOU to Skip, Director of SoCal Bulldog Rescue, and Dr, Kraemer and to Dr. Cechner for providing the surgery to help Felicity!!
      And for all of you who have donated to Felicity, you are my angels for helping such a sick little dog!! Thank you from the depths of my soul.

      November 24, 2018


    1st Procedure Completed & resting at home!
    Dr. Cechner said Felicity’s surgery went very well. There is some minor eyelid paralysis in her right eye and he believes this is due to some tugging that the nerve experienced during the calcification extraction running from her inner ear all the way THROUGH the growth on the outside of her ear. This calcification is bone, it’s hard and doesn’t bend. Could you imagine having a pencil size bone running from your inner ear all the way OUT of your ear?!!! What happens when you try to turn your head? Or do you sneeze? Lay your head on your pillow? The pain had to be excruciating with every move of her head. And this calcification was due to neglect.
    I didn’t realize how evil this ear neglect calcification can be until Nicole, Felicity’s wonderful nurse showed me the removed ear, which is shown in this post. The white pencil size glob in the middle of the ear is the broken-off calcification! It’s hard as a rock.
    I hope the person who did this to Felicity, and the person who didn’t bother to help Felicity, but instead wanted to kill her, experience the same pain Felicity felt in her right ear and continues to feel in her left ear.
    I’ll curb my devious side.
    Felicity has lots of medications and I need to be very aware of any sign of her going into shock and/or organ failure. Should this happen it must be caught quickly or Felicity could die.
    Ok, step 1 completed, first TECA-BO finished, next…
    – recover,
    – wait 8 weeks and then TECA-BO on Felicity’s left ear,
    – Work on her skin & allergy issues,
    – get her on the correct food, medications & shampoo to bring her lifelong relief from allergens,
    – finally, after her 2nd ear surgery recovery, Felicity will be spayed.
    Then, Felicity will go to her forever home, which has patiently been waiting for her.

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