Empowering Rescue The Rescue Pledge

Empowering Rescue The Rescue Pledge Soical Networking
“To Empower Bulldog Rescue and Care With the Muscle of Social Networking Under the Guidance of Medical Expertise”

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Empowering Rescue The Rescue Pledge U4GOALS

Empowering Rescue The Rescue Pledge

To provide financial support for Southern California Bulldog Rescue and help bulldogs in need throughout the greater Southern California area and beyond through building ‘win-win’ partnerships with companies within the pet space (veterinary pharmaceuticals, pet insurance, pet food, etc.)

Empowering Rescue The Rescue Pledge U4B MUST DO LIST

STEP 1 – Pledge your support for the U4B goal by providing your email address at the top of this page.
STEP 2 – Complete the “U4B Pledge” non-personal questionnaire that will be sent to the email address you provided. The pet product information that you provide will be collectively used to improve the terms in our negotiation with our above-mentioned partners.
STEP 3 – Ask your family, friends, and colleagues, as well as your social networking friends to sign up as well.

Empowering Rescue The Rescue Pledge U4B Demands

Once we reach a critical number of members, we will request the following:
1. Each time a U4B member buys any of the partner’s products, they will make a contribution to Bulldog Rescue based on an agreed-upon percentage of the purchase price.
2. Donations of products for use in the care of bulldogs waiting for adoption.
3. Sponsorship of Bulldog Rescue events.
4. Group discounts and other special packaging, as with pet insurance fees and coverage, for all our U4B members.

Empowering Rescue The Rescue Pledge PARTICIPATION

In order to win meaningful terms with companies in the pet industry, our U4B Community must reach a critical number of members.

The more people you can bring in to sign the U4B Pledge, the sooner those companies will partner with us.

For more information regarding the benefits of large corporations investing in non-profits and to read about the PGA Tour business model, click here.

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