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Dr. Kraemer & Bulldog Rescue In California (SCBR)

June 7, 2015 10AM-2PM

7th Annual Bully Brunch, 1725 N. Collage Av, Santa Ana, Ca. 92706

Due to the large crowd of guests with dogs and the size of the location, the restaurant can no longer allow all pets to join our guests.

GREAT NEWS is we can have as many guests as we wish. It is still the same great Sunday Brunch, with a live & silent auction and friends and family coming together to support bulldog rescue.

SCBR Coming Events

NEW this year, we’re going to have contests with prizes.

PLUS, get your favorite bulldog photograph ready. We’re also having a ‘Favorite Bulldog Photo Contest’ open only to attendees at this brunch with awards given for the best photographs.

Brunch will be from 10 AM to 2 PM, tickets are $20 for adults 10 dollars children for the buffet and cocktails and can be ordered in advance. Also, limited tickets will be available on the day of brunch starting at 10 AM. Tickets will also be at the door for $20for adults and $10 for children under 10 years.

Click here to purchase tickets!

Families and larger groups should email us directly at for ticketing assistance.

Remember, while you enjoy a delicious brunch buffet and a fun time with friends, 100% of the day’s proceeds will go to benefit our many bulldogs in need of food, shelter, medical care, and loving homes.

Hope to see you there. Thank you for supporting bulldog rescue

Many of us are passionate about animal rescue and, in particular, the rescue of English Bulldogs holds a special place in our hearts.

Since Southern California Bulldog Rescue’s inception in 2006, over 900 bulldogs have been rescued, received medical care, sheltered in foster homes and successfully re-homed with loving families. Over 900!!! This is a chance for you to join other animal lovers, get some exercise and fresh air and support SCBR and other rescue facilities and allow us to rescue even more English Bulldogs.

SCBR has provided medical care and foster homes to bulldogs that others have given up on because of medical expenses, age, or simply no longer wanting a bulldog to be part of their family. SCBR also provides support to families currently enjoying bulldogs by assisting them in locating appropriate medical care, receiving pet food, and training tips, and relocating bulldogs where the current family is unable to care for them.


Since our inception, no bulldog that could be made part of a family has been turned away because of advanced age or medical needs. We’ve successfully rescued senior bulldogs reportedly as old as 12 years old, bulldogs blind from birth, deaf from severe ear infections, missing limbs, or suffering from birth defects.

Everyone that cares for the rescue bulldogs is a volunteer and, by coming together for this event, we help make it possible for each bulldog we rescue to successfully walk, run, be wheelchair-enabled, stroll away in a stroller, or be pulled around in a wagon as a loved family pet again.

See you on April 13

Thank you

Skip Van Der Marliere
Team Captain & Director
So Cal Bulldog Rescue

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