Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance

Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance is about becoming a bulldog puppy owner and living the bulldog ownership Zen-like experience.

Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance and Preventive Care are about becoming a bulldog puppy owner and living the bulldog ownership Zen-like experience.

Zen4Bulldogs is a universally addictive joy that brings owners together as a family. If you have ever taken part in any bulldog social event or reviewed the Facebook profile of any bulldog owner and their listed friends (most of whom are other proud bulldog lovers), you instantly recognize how infectious (“viral”) bulldog ownership is.

Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance

Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance OWNERSHIP COMMITMENT

Bulldog ownership addiction is not only a big undertaking but also a lifelong commitment that can become costly to your bulldog and French bulldog puppy and to you. By following the two-part “bully for dummies” step-by-step chapters, “Zen Health and the Art of Bulldog Maintenance” is a “Bully 10 Commandments.”  Armed with that knowledge of health and wellness, you should be able to prevent and/or reduce what might otherwise turn into a never-ending monetary burden on you and long-lasting pain and suffering for your bulldog.

Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance PURE JOY

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the unmatched sublime bully ZEN experience (Zen4Bulldogs). Bully-Zen and Bulldog: Maintenances are one and the same, interwoven like an Escher painting (i.e., “sky and water 1″), like a spacetime continuum; they complete and complement each other.

Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance THE 6 STEPS

1. Zen & Bulldog Health EARLY IS BETTER

Many of the common bulldog problems start very early on and will likely worsen if left unattended, such as

An advanced chronic state of that bulldog and French bulldog medical conditions will be difficult to treat, expensive, and often needlessly painful to your bulldog puppy.

2. Zen & Bulldog Health: OFTEN & REGULARLY

Many of the medical problems bulldogs face are lifelong problems. By committing to this bully maintenance program, you have the opportunity to keep potential medical problems not only under control but also manageable and affordable.

In addition, the act of repetition will turn you into a BULLY HEALTH EXPERT, one that is able to detect a problem at the earliest stage.

3. Zen & Bulldog Health PET INSURANCE

Get pet insurance for your bulldog or French bulldog puppy as early as possible so they can’t be declined for any future medical problems.

Choose a pet insurance that is not partial and discriminatory to English bulldog puppies and French bulldog puppies.  


An experienced bulldog veterinarian will recognize breed-related medical problems such as bulldog eyes & eyelid problems, bulldog orthopedics conditions, bulldog airway disease, and bulldog ear disease, to name a few, within the first year of your bulldog puppy’s life. Thus,  insurance taken when the puppy is only a few weeks old is likely to pay for itself many times over



FDA REGULATED: Supplements are not FDA regulated; thus, the claims found on product labels as well as the purity of the products themselves are unknown factors.

BIOAVAILABILITY: In addition, the bioavailability (i.e., a fraction of the ingested dose that is absorbed), even when advertised for pets, should be in question.

CONTAMINATES: one would hope that the production line, raw material, and packaging are inspected and protected from dangerous contaminants (“Do No Harm” rule). Check the label for safety data and the dosage of intended use, and check for a manufacturer’s certificate assuring you their facility is FDA-approved.

NASC: Verify that they are members of the National Animal Supplement Council (www.nasc.cc)

Dental antiseptic Wipe Handout - French Bulldog

cGMP: Verify that the product was made under strict cGMP standards (current good manufacturing practice).


DR. KRAEMER’S V4B: The products selected for members of this site are the most essential “Bully Maintenance” products.

CUSTOMIZED: All the V4B-labeled products are custom-made for your bully, and are packaged with a ”take-home” colored, printable handout containing detailed instructions.

DONATIONS: Most importantly, as with any paid services on this site, ”% OF ALL EARNINGS GO TO BULLDOG RESCUE.

MATCHING FILTER: Dr. Kraemer programmed a “Bully Medical Problem Filter” that matches nearly 100 bully medical problems with matching therapeutic bully products

ECONOMIC BUNDLES: Dr. Kraemer’s customized economic bully therapeutic bundles for your bully medical symptoms or/medical conditions

We Offer A Bully Helth Problem Filter and Matching Low-Cost Therapeutic Bundles

5. Zen & Bulldog Health BULLDOG VETERINARIAN:

Veterinarians are among the most qualified healthcare professionals. I have only respect and admiration for my colleagues in the veterinary field, yet the truth is that very few treat bulldogs on a daily basis.

Medically and surgically, bulldogs are different than most other breeds.

Over the course of the first 10 years of my career, I probably treated only a dozen bulldogs a year. Now that I treat a dozen a day, my staff and I have gone through a decade of a ”bulldog learning curve.”

6. Zen & Bulldog Health DO NO HARM RULE:

More is not always better. There is potential harm in self-diagnosis and self-treatment.

Doing nothing is still better than possibly doing something harmful.

It’s always best to ask your veterinarian for advice when you’re not sure about something.  On the other hand, becoming an educated owner is not the same as “playing doctor”. In order to help our bulldog community, you can find a list of the most common bulldog problems, from top to bottom, listed under our BULLDOG HEALTH PREVENTIVE CARE & MAINTENANCE program.

Each bulldog health article posted on this site concludes with a  “Tips & Warnings” list with emphasis on our “Do No Harm” rule.

Zen Health and Bulldog Maintenance PREVENTION

With the tips and information you will find on this site, you should be able to prevent and/or reduce what might otherwise turn out to be a never-ending monetary burden on you, and long-lasting pain and suffering for your bully (“Art of Bulldog Maintenance”), as well as enjoy the sublime zen-like experience in knowing the one and only bully (“Zen & Bulldogs)

Dr. R. J.  Kraemer

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