Bulldog Rescue & French Bulldog Rescue

Bulldog Rescue and French Bulldog Rescue

Bulldog Rescue and French Bulldog organizations, like Southern California Bulldog Rescue  SCBR, are nonprofit, volunteer groups whose mission is to rehabilitate and find new homes for abused, neglected, and unwanted bulldogs.

Bulldog Rescue DONATIONS

Most bulldog rescue organizations rely solely on donations to finance veterinary exams, inoculations, medications, and surgeries — as well as the daily feeding and care that their rescued dogs need while in their care.

Vet4Bulldog is committed to helping support the activities of bulldog rescue organizations across the country.

With your support, we can help bulldogs to be rescued from severe abuse, neglect, and owners who can no longer take care of them. Please join our rescue community by adding your name to our pledge, each additional member brings us closer to our goal (for more details, go to our U4B Pledge page)

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  • To read more about Dr. Kraemer and his close relationship to the SCBR……Click Here

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