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NonProfit Bulldog Rescue (The Southern Ca. Rescue Family)


About Southern California Bulldog Rescue

SCBR is a California non-profit corporation that I have been involved with for over a decade. SCBR is dedicated to providing shelter, re-homing assistance, and funds for medical treatment for hundreds of abandoned bulldogs each year.

The Pledge:

I understand some of you would love to support our rescue cause, but have only limited time. Please don’t leave before adding your email to either the sign-up box shown on the top left, or by going to our U4Bulldog Pledge”  sign-up sheet. Your participation is critical! Without it our Rescue Pledge will not succeed.

Recent Rescue Events (photos and videos):

To improve bonding with the local bully community and help raise much needed funds, we have “get together” weekend events open to anyone with a bully. The event typically offers entertainment, good food, and bully awareness. It is a must do if you live in the area. To watch a short video of the most recent SCBR Halloween Event…. click here

Zen & Bulldog Rescue:

If you already had/have a bulldog, then you have already experienced the “ZEN“. But to become a “Zen Master” (Bully Jedi), you will need to learn The Art of Bully Maintenance.   And for those who aspire to achieve the highest and most intense form of the Bully Zen, graduating to a “Bully Yoda”, then to do so, you will have to partake in Bully Rescue .

Rescue Upcoming Events:

We’d love to have you join us for any of our upcoming events. Check out our page of recent events if you need a little push in the right direction. We have a variety of different types of events, including family events, events for you together with your bully and other pets, comedy, wine tasting, full bar and buffet, and our special Halloween best bully outfit that can’t be missed!

Donations to SCBR:

SCBR (Southern California Bulldog Rescue) is a Non-Profit Corporation, which means 100% of the donations received go towards paying for the bulldogs’ medical bills, food, boarding, spaying & neutering, transportation, and anything else not covered by volunteers. The struggle to finance the SCBR is continuous and increasing despite the fund-raising events, the free medical services and the many discounts we provide, so any help is much appreciated.

Volunteering With SCBR:

Bulldog rescue can be very difficult and time-consuming. While not everyone can (or should) make the commitment to provide the full range of bulldog rescue services, there are many ways that people who love bulldogs can help the rescue cause.

Daily Items Needed For our Rescued Bulldogs:

Our rescued bulldogs are always in need of small items necessary for their day to day care and well-being, things you might have laying around unused in your basement or garage, or an extra one of. Every contribution is appreciated.


Coming soon: more Bulldog Rescue and SCBR topics.  Add your email to our “Join Our U4B Community membership listing, or  to our “alert” email box at the top left corner to receive alerts each time a new article is published and a new topic is covered. In addition, you will also be alerted to any new release of the upcoming   ”Do It Yourself V4B Bully Maintenance Videos”.

*NEW   Rescue of The Month

Each month, I will present one new bulldog rescue case, including interviews with rescue members, volunteers and sponsors. We will follow our bulldog from day one of his or her rescue.  I will include medical presentations and treatment with photos and videos, and bring you updates on the adoption outcome….(coming soon, sign for our email alert)

*NEW   Rescued Bully’s For Adoption

I will present a gallery of our rescued bulldogs and their personal stories which will allow our viewers virtual visits with them ….(coming soon, sign for our email alert)

*NEW   BullyMart Rescue Store

Don’t have time to volunteer, but want to make a difference in the lives of rescued bulldogs? It’s as easy as shopping for groceries and swiping your Club card! ….(coming soon, sign for our email alert)

As always we appreciate your support!

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