Fr. bulldog puppy with Dr. Kraemer

“We love Dr. Kraemer. It is obvious that he really cares about our little frenchie and wants to help him feel his best.

We came to Dr. Kraemer after having a terrible experience with another vet who only cared about making money off us at the expense of our frenchie’s health. We are incredibly grateful for Dr. Kraemer!”



- Sarah Aponte

“We travel a long way to come see Dr. Kramer he saved Newman’s life by doing the soft palate surgery!

No one else would do it, so thankful we have found him and would recommend them to anyone !”



- Leslie Jensen
Dr. Kraemer With kids and their bulldogs

“I loved that all the staff was welcoming, and I love that Dr. Kramer thoroughly assessed Mimi’s health. I liked his detailed explanation of what Mimi’s lump might be and Highlighted the next steps. I left knowing that Mimi would be under excellent care.

Overall great experience. ”


-Donna & Alexander Escalante

“Dr. Kraemer is absolutely wonderful! He always manages to fit us into his busy schedule and he takes his time with our English Bulldog. He always listens carefully to all of our concerns, goes through all of the options, and takes time to answer all of our questions.

He is so knowledgeable and we trust him wholeheartedly. We are so lucky we found him to take care of our sweet boy 🙂

Thank you, Dr. Kraemer, for everything that you do for the bulldogs in Southern California. ”


Maili & Max Drachman

Good morning Dr. K

I just thought I’d share the good news with you I had written to you about a “Minka” a seven-year-old rescue French bulldog with IVDD in a wheelchair I adopted.


We have been doing stem cell treatment on her

Dr Kramer, she is gaining mobility back she is walking she is bringing her legs up underneath her she is standing at her food bowl to eat and drink it’s been the most amazing recovery. And you are my inspiration to try this.

I’m so grateful I have decided to adopt her she’s quite an amazing little girl. I suffer from spinal issues I once was in a wheelchair myself but now I am kayaking and hiking and walking again.

I must tell you I am just as pleased and amazed at her recovery that I decided to adopt her so she can be an ambassador and show people that you don’t have to kill your dog! I mean her family was going to put her to sleep.

Please just know how grateful I am for you.

All my best



I have brought many generations of fosters/adoptees to Dr. Kraemer over the years. If not for him I wouldn’t have been able to help so many of these wonderful souls.

He’s one of the few vets who care deeply about their wards. As an early adopter of cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy (which many of mine have taken advantage of).

He has developed products specifically for brachycephalic (smush-faced) breeds that often accomplish equally miraculous results, which is just icing on the cake.


Dr. Kraemer has been our bulldog vet for over 10 years. We have had 4 that have passed away over the last few years and currently have 4 bulldogs.

Dr. K has been amazing with all of them. There is no Dr. I trust more with my bulldogs than Dr. K.

He always knows what is wrong and how to fix it the right way. Not overdoing it with a bunch of meds and making sure their health and safety come first. That being said his line of bulldog products when used on a regular basis really helps many of the common

bulldog problems from happening. The ear flush we use every Sunday to help keep the ears clean and from getting ear infections. We use his wipes daily on all the facial folds, ropes, paws, and tail. This keeps them all clean and from getting any infection. Using his line of skin products

and ear flush products keep them all healthy and prevent unwanted trips to the vet with large vet bills. These are must-have products for any bulldog owner.

Dave Enders

Dr. Kraemer DVM has been my vet for all of my own Bulldogs for the past 15 years.

There have been many times Dr. Kraemer has worked with my Bulldogs and taken the most seemingly impossible medical conditions and resolved them to my great relief. When I have felt the most helpless with my Bulldog’s care, Dr. Kramer has been able to keep things in perspective and come up with a treatment plan that in many cases cures the conditions.

I truly miss being able to see Dr. Kraemer for checkups, follow-up treatment, and medical care now that he has retired.

Skip V

Thank you for all the years of taking care of Lili. She misses you. I’m sure all your past patients miss you too. Thank you for serving as her primary Dr. over the years