<p>Dr. Kraemer has been our bulldog vet for over 10 years. We have had 4 that have passed away over the last few years and currently have 4 bulldogs.</p> <p>Dr. K has been amazing with all of them. There is no Dr. I trust more with my bulldogs than Dr. K. </p> <p>He always knows what is wrong and how to fix it the right way. Not overdoing it with a bunch of meds and making sure their health and safety come first. That being said his line of bulldog products when used on a regular basis really helps many of the common</p> <p>bulldog problems from happening. The ear flush we use every Sunday to help keep the ears clean and from getting ear infections. We use his wipes daily on all the facial folds, ropes, paws, and tail. This keeps them all clean and from getting any infection. Using his line of skin products </p> <p>and ear flush products keep them all healthy and prevent unwanted trips to the vet with large vet bills. These are must-have products for any bulldog owner. </p>

Dave Enders