Good morning Dr. K

I just thought I’d share the good news with you I had written to you about a “Minka” a seven-year-old rescue French bulldog with IVDD in a wheelchair I adopted.


We have been doing stem cell treatment on her

Dr Kramer, she is gaining mobility back she is walking she is bringing her legs up underneath her she is standing at her food bowl to eat and drink it’s been the most amazing recovery. And you are my inspiration to try this.

I’m so grateful I have decided to adopt her she’s quite an amazing little girl. I suffer from spinal issues I once was in a wheelchair myself but now I am kayaking and hiking and walking again.

I must tell you I am just as pleased and amazed at her recovery that I decided to adopt her so she can be an ambassador and show people that you don’t have to kill your dog! I mean her family was going to put her to sleep.

Please just know how grateful I am for you.

All my best