<p>“Dr. Kraemer is absolutely wonderful! He always manages to fit us into his busy schedule and he takes his time with our English Bulldog. He always listens carefully to all of our concerns, goes through all of the options, and takes time to answer all of our questions.</p> <p>He is so knowledgeable and we trust him wholeheartedly. We are so lucky we found him to take care of our sweet boy 🙂</p> <p>Thank you, Dr. Kraemer, for everything that you do for the bulldogs in Southern California. ”</p> <p> </p>

Maili & Max Drachman

By Dr. Kraemer

Dr. R. J. Kraemer: With a specialization in Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and other Brachycephalic breeds, Dr. Kraemer has dedicated his career to educating the bulldog community about the unique medical and surgical requirements of the breed. These encompass preventive care and wellness, customized anesthesia, and employing a multimodal approach to address their unique medical conditions.

Some of the breed-specific medical issues he focuses on include

• Airway obstructive disease
• Orthopedics tailored for the breed
• Ear canal disease preventive care
• Skin and allergy management
• Skinfold Dermatitis and Interdigital cysts
• Eyes and eyelid abnormalities
• Pain and stress control
• Dietary, digestion, and therapeutic supplementation

He is a leading provider of cutting-edge regenerative and alternative medicine, for services such as stem cell therapy, laser, and PRP.

Additionally, he maintains a longstanding relationship with Bulldog Rescue, contributing funds and providing shelter, medical, and surgical expertise.