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Dr Kraemer
You have seen Tater Tot several times. We are in Mammoth.  He takes LORATIDINE daily for seasonal allergies, as prescribed by Dr Butchko. Are there any allergy eye drops or gels?

We r in prime spring allergy season right now.


Donna Vanderburg

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 4 years ago

Answer for Bulldog Eyes Allergies

Hi Tater and family, antihistamines in bulldogs are usually not very helpful, the good news is that in general, they are harmless.

Answer for Bulldog Eyes Allergies, you don’t need Dr. prescription for most of the antihistamines, they are nonprescription OTC and inexpensive. I often start with Benadryl (first-generation antihistamine) because it can pass by the BBB (blood-brain barrier) thus might help with sedation (good for bedtime).

Seasonal is typically not dietary, is he rubbing and itching? Best of its class for seasonal atopic allergies is cytopint injection.

For irritated “allergic” eyes, you can use various ophthalmic drop such as those with cortisone or NSAID (non-steroidal). Often an OTC eye lubricant will suffice I like the ones with hyaluronic acid.

Better yet find out what the underlining cause (see again my site under allergies).

Best regard, WE LOVE TATER

Dr. Kraemer Vet4Bulldog

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