Fr. Bulldog Non-Responsive Skin Disease Question

Dear Dr Kraemer

My french bulldog is one year old. He developed a skin disease four months ago, during which I took him to see a vet, gave him antibiotics, and took some medicine, but nothing worked. he had the injection for a week, but it kept coming back and forth. Heavy hair loss, red dots.

bulldog non responsive red dot's skin disease qustion


Is there anything I can do at home to help my Frenchie ?

Thank you for your time

1 Answers
Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 4 years ago

Answer for Non-Responsive Fr. Bulldog Skin Problem

Please first review the chapters on my website that cover that topic, they have the answers to most bulldog and French bulldog skin problems.

Answer for Non-Responsive French Bulldog Skin Problem CAUSE

  • MRSP

Skin and Coat therapeutic supplement for bulldog food allergy

Recommended Tests For Non-Responsive Bulldog  Skin Problems

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information about the case, but all bulldog skin problems require a step-by-step approach.

To offer you a customized treatment suggestion, your vet will need to conduct a few diagnostic tests

Listed here are some of the most common diagnostic tests for bulldog skin disease.

  1. Skin Scrape: to look for mites
    1. Demodex
    2. Sarcoptic Mange
  2. Cytology: to see if there are abnormal cells
    1. Bacteria (rods gram-negative or cocci gram-positive)
    2. Yeast organisms
    3. Inflammatory white blood cells
    4. cell associated with autoimmune disease or cancer
  3. Culture (Bacteria): typing the bacteria and matching antibiotics
    1.  MRSA (multidrug-resistant staph)
    2. Typical Stap bacteria
    3. Atypical gram-negative bacteria
  4. DTM (fungal): culture for dermatophyte (ringworm)
  5. Food Trial (elimination prescription diets)
  6. Allergy Testing (blood test for atopic dermatitis)
    1. indoor allergens
    2. outdoor allergens
  7. Biopsies
    1. autoimmune disease like pemphigus
    2. cancer
  8. Blood and Urine Screening Tests
  9. Etc.

Recommended Therapeutics For Bulldogs  Skin Problems

Irrespective of the issue, always incorporate topical bully therapeutics into your treatment plan for any bulldog skin problems as a crucial part of the resolution process.

Recommended RX For Bulldogs’ Skin Problems

Prescription medication should be based on the tests I listed.

  • ANTIBIOTICS: based on culture and cytology
  • ANTI-YEAST & ANTI-FUNGAL: based on fungi culture and cytology
  • IMMUNE SUPPRESSANT: based on biopsy, cytology, blood test outcome
  • HYPOALLERGENIC DIETS: based on the food trial
  • IMMUNO THERAPY: based on allergen sensitivity test outcome

You are welcome to forward me more photos, lab findings,  and treatment history.

BULLDOG bacterial skin infection

Remember to always  incorporate nonprescription bulldog therapeutics in your treatment plan; they are

  • safe
  • low cost
  • easy to implement
  • complement or replace RX

Best of Luck

Dr. Kraemer


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bulldog non-responsive skin problem treatment recommendations

*This guide was compiled courtesy of Dr. Kraemer, a “MUST READ” manual for any current or future bully owner.


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