French Bulldog Skin Problem

Roy-k Staff asked 3 years ago

French Bulldog Skin Problem

Dear Dr Kraemer
My french bulldog is one year old. He developed a skin disease four months ago, during which I took him to see a vet, gave him antibiotics, and took some medicine, but nothing worked. he had the injection for a week, but it kept coming back and forth. Heavy hair loss, red dots.

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Roy-k Staff answered 3 years ago

Answer for French Bulldog Skin Problem

Please first review the chapters on my website that cover that topic, they have the answers to most bulldog and French bulldog skin problems.

Answer for French Bulldog Skin Problem, I don’t have enough info, this is a step by step approach.

  1. Skin Scrape
  2. Cytology
  3. Culture (Bacteria)
  4. DTM (fungal)
  5. Food Trial (elimination)
  6. Allergy Testing
  7. Biopsies
  8. Etc.

Answer for French Bulldog Skin Problem

Regardless of the problem for any bully skin problems ALWAYS  provide topical treatment as part of your treatment resolution.

 See my website and the “bully problem” filter (problems & solutions) filter… currently only in my store (we will be adding it to all our pages).

Best of luck

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