Dr. Kraemer Patient Medical Record
Transfer Request Form

Dr. Kraemer’s Vet4Bulldog – Patient Medical Record Transfer Request Form

dr.-kraemers-vet-4-healthy-pet-advanced-medical-careWe value your time, and we strive to make your visit as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

We will need a copy of your pets wellness and medical record (i.e. vaccines, medical notes, lab work, xray’s images, etc.).

For your convenience we created an online form (below) that will allow us to get all we need on your behalf ahead of time.

You can also complete part of the PATIENT ADMISSION FORM digitally online so by the time you arrive to Dr. Kraemer’s office, our paperless software will have most of your pet’s information completed.

Thank you- V4HP

Add any paperwork here you would like to send to our office.

To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern: We are the legal owners of this (those) listed pets. Upon receiving this request please transfer, as soon as possible, all our hereby pets medical records.
Please include lab work and images, and send them to the following Veterinary Hospital:
Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical Care
434 Tustin St, Orange, CA,
Tel: (714) 707-6455
[email protected]

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