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Cryobanking Pets Stem Cells is a  “Low Cost, minimal Risk, Stem Cell Cryopbanking Service” now offered by Dr. Kraemer at Vet4HealthyPet Advanced Medical care pet hospital located in the city of Orange in southern California.  Stem Cell therapy offers many benefits to common ailments including arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, other orthopedic and joint problems as well as many other immune mediated and inflammatory diseases (see list below).

Cryobanking Pets Stem Cells

Cryobanking Pets Stem Cells is life saving.

Cryobanking Pets Stem Cells is our new “Low Cost minimal Risk Stem Cell Cryopbanking” insurance program allows harvesting your pet stem cells during routine elective anesthetic procedures (i.e. spayneutercherry eye andentropion repairelongated soft palate repair, etc.) and then cryobanked for future medical conditions and emergencies.

  1. Eliminate Age Related Risk: Older pets have higher risk of adverse events during anesthesia.
  2. Minimal Extra Anesthetic: Harvesting stem cells adds a few minutes to the elected anesthetic protocol.
  3. Low Cost: fraction of the cost.
  4. Empower Rescue: Dr. Kraemer will donate a large stem cell kit (worth 1500 dollars) to SCBR for every 20 cryobanking procedures he performs

Stem Cell Therapy Applications

Harley and English bulldog was treated with stem cell therapy for a severe painful debilitating elbow dysplasia 

Harley and English bulldog was treated with stem cell therapy for a severe painful debilitating elbow dysplasia

Watch Harley Video BEFORE Stem Cell Therapy

Watch Harley Video AFTER Stem Cell Therapy

Cryobanking Pets Stem Cells  is the future of preventative veterinary medicine and pet wellenss. Banking your puppies, kittens, bulldogs and French bulldogs puppis stem cells at a young age during an elective surgery  like spay or neuter is very elegant, fast, minimal cost, safe, and extremely valuable  to your pets future well being and at times life saving. Think about it as as a inexpenssive life insurance policy whereby you are storing your dog and cat own repair cell to be called upon at a day notice as treatment for a wide range of medical maladies.

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