Itchy French Bulldog On Steroid

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Roy-k Staff asked 6 years ago

Itchy French Bulldog on Steroids

Dr. Kraemer

I’m looking for some help with my itchy French bulldog puppy who is has been treated with steroid. She became very itchy about the age of 6 months old. My bulldog is 2 years old and not Spade. We have her on a raw balanced diet. We only use organic or natural cleaners and soaps and our home. We’ve tried cortisone anti-itch creams apple cider vinegar baking soda antifungal shampoos you name it. I’ve also tried giving her a different herbal supplements for kidneys, lymphatic system, parasites for about a month now with no results. I’ve been using  herbal recommendations . I’m not seeing any positive results.

My French Bulldog also had very bad ear infections and the past. What cleared it up for her was the Posatex. It also work the best on her skin for clearing up the redness. Being that it is not labeled for skin are veterinarians locally would not refill the prescription. Ultimately I would like to fix the underlining problem without using steroids or medication. If you can offer any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! We hate seeing our little girl suffering!

Thank you! 

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Roy-k Staff answered 6 years ago

Itch French Bulldog like yours and other Itching allergies in bulldogs and French bulldogs are very common and so are ear canal diseases (i.e. otitis in bulldogs and French Bulldogs). First, I don’t recommend raw diets for your itchy French bulldog due to the inherited risks of uncooked food.  I prefer a pasteurized, organic, human graded diets    for you bulldog puppy. Second, in regard to itch control especially for a dog like your itchy French bulldog with a chronic skin dermatitis, I do not recommend using steroids due to their potential harmful and accumulative, adverse effects . Fortunately, we now have safer itch control medication like the CADI for Bulldog (Cytopoint) immunotherapy injection for bulldog and French bulldog atopic allergic itch dermatitis, as well as other itch and allergy control  like Apoquel and Atopica oral medication bot given orally daily. I have also offer new cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy for refractory atopic dermatitis and bulldog interdigital cysts for refectory case or bulldogs who are having adverse effects to traditional rx.

For food allergy in bulldog you will have to commit your itchy French bulldog to an elimination hypoallergenic prescription diet for a minimum of eight weeks trail with a hydrolyzed protein diets like HA from Proplan diets. For Atopic dermatitis in bulldogs you can request an allergy blood test (VARL) which will allow us to isolate the environmental allergens and start immunotherapy hyposensitization treatment .

Itchy French Bulldog on Steroid

Bulldog with severe itch dermatitis seen by Dr. Kraemer

Finally, topical therapy should always be part of your treatment for a bulldog with chronic itch or/and skin allergies .  I recomend a weekly bath with a medicated anti itch and antiseptic shampoos like my V4B Itch Control and V4B Antiseptic Shampoo as well as frequent waterless gel’s and  lotions like my V4B antiseptic Yeasty Bully and Skin Fold LotionRinses and Wipes.

Last, in regard to supplements please read my “Must Know Supplement for Bulldogs” article. In general probiotics like my V4B Bulldog Probiotics can be given especially for pets who are on long term medication and essential fatty acids omega 3 like my V4B Fish oil, should be part of your comprehensive treatment of chronic skin disease . For any skin and ear disease in bulldog and French Bulldogs I recommend cytology, skin scrapes and at times cultures, in that regard please read my multi drug resistant skin disease in bulldogs and French bulldog (MRSP in bulldolldog) article.

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