Cherry Eye In French Bulldogs

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Roy-k Staff asked 6 years ago

Cherry Eye In French Bulldogs

Dr. Kraemer,

I was researching about the cherry eye and I came across your studies and page.  I live in Tanzania, East Africa and I have a french bulldog of 6 month that now developed the prolapse.
The veterinary here in TZ said that will remove the gland. That will nothing happens to the dog and will be normal.

However I see in your page this can cause future problems of dry eye. The veterinary here said that the eye have other additionals glands that will create the tears but now I not sure what to do.  Please can you give me your recommendation.



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Roy-k Staff answered 6 years ago

French Bulldog Cherry Eye

French Bulldog Cherry Eye is a common ophthalmic condition in bulldog and French bulldog puppies. It is most likely due to a genetic and hereditary problem in that breed.  French Bulldog Cherry Eye should NEVER be removed except for cancer of the cherry eye or in if the cherry eye suffered a major trauma.

Your French Bulldog Cherry Eye conservation is critical since its responsible to 30-40% of your bulldog tear production, thus it removed he likely to suffer from corneal disease named KCS . As you well know KCS or better known as  Dry eye in bulldog and French bulldog is a serious and common condition that will lead to lifelong painful corneal disease that impairs vision and is expensive to treat.

Your French Bulldog Cherry Eye tear production is an important part of the lacrimal glands ocular system which produces the aqueous part of the tears. The other French Bulldog Cherry Eye parts are the lipid layer produced by the Meibomian glands and the mucus layer produced by the goblet cells within the conjunctiva. Your French Bulldog Cherry Eye is critical for the upkeep and vitality of his cornea and is vital for the general health of his outer eye.  There are multiple surgical techniques designed to preserve a cherry eye in French Bulldogs. To learn more please click here

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