French Bulldog Puppy Cherry Eye Question

Dr. Kraemer,

I was researching about the cherry eye and I came across your studies and page.  I live in Tanzania, East Africa and I have a french bulldog of 6 month that now developed the prolapse.
The veterinarian here in TZ said that will remove the gland. That will nothing happens to the dog and will be normal.

French Bulldog cherry Eye French bulldog

French Bulldog Puppy Cherry Eye Leading to Dry Eye

However I see in your page this can cause future problems of dry eye. The veterinary here said that the eye has other additional glands that will create the tears, but I am not sure what to do.

Please can you give me your recommendation?



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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 6 years ago

Answer to Should I Let my Vet Remove my Bulldog’s Cherry Eye?

Cherry eye is a common ophthalmic condition in both English bulldog and French bulldog puppies.

cherry eyes in English bulldog puppies

It is most likely due to a genetic or hereditary problem in that breed.

The cherry eye should never be removed (incised)

The exception will be a cancerous gland, which is very rare, or a cherry eye that suffered a major trauma.

Reasons For Not Removing a Bulldog Cherry Eye

Preserving your puppy’s cherry eye is crucial, as it accounts for 30–40% of your bulldog’s tear production.


Surgical removal of your French bulldog puppy’s cherry eye will dramatically increase his chances of dry eye corneal disease. As you well know, KCS (Keratoconjectivita Sicca), is better known as  Dry eye. 

bulldog bilateral cherry with dry eyes

Addressing your French bulldog puppy’s cherry eye through removal significantly raises the risk of developing Keratoconjectivita Sicca (KCS), a corneal disease caused by insufficient tear production.

KCS is a prevalent and severe condition in bulldogs, causing a lifelong, painful corneal disease that impairs vision.

Managing Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) demands the application of costly topical treatments on a daily basis throughout the dog’s life.

Bulldog Cherry Eye Tear Production

  1. AQUEOUS LAYER: Your French bulldog cherry eye tear production is an important part of the lacrimal gland ocular system, which produces the aqueous part of the tears.
  2. LIPID LAYER:  produced by the Meibomian glands
  3. MUCUS LAYER: produced by the goblet cells within the conjunctiva.

 French Bulldog Cherry Eye SURGERY

Your French Bulldog Cherry Eye is critical for the upkeep and vitality of his cornea.

bulldog Cherry eye pre-op

The cherry eye is vital for the eyes health and wellness


There are multiple surgical techniques designed to preserve the cherry

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