My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery

My 2-year-old French bulldog had diarrhea, which resulted in her getting an anal prolapse overnight, i took her to her vet and the surgery went great with our vet saying she didn’t believe she would prolapse again, she stayed 5 days at the vet.

Bulldog Rectal Polyps

I called to pick her up and the vet wanted to keep her to fix diarrhea, 5 days later still no cause or improvement, so she stayed the weekend on Monday morning I called and she passed away.

Why My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery

We never got an answer to why she died; the vet said she never did blood work. Would a prolapse cause her to die after a successful surgery 14 days later?

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 3 years ago

Answer Why My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery

Dear Hicks and family, my condolences and sadness. I can only imagine the anguish and sense of loss. I hope I can bring some sense of closure to this tragedy.

Why My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery MEDICAL RECORDS

I do not have the medical record or the full details of the events, so I am not able to comment on the conduct of the medical team.

Nevertheless, I can make a few general comments that can hopefully help with the tough decisions our community of bulldog owners might be forced to make when faced with a similar situation.

Bulldog Rectal Prolapse AGE

Bulldog rectal prolapse is a condition where rectal tissue protrudes through the anal opening.

Rectal prolapse typically occurs in bulldog and French bulldog puppies and is less common in adult bulldogs.

Answer Why My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery

Bulldog Rectal Prolapse CAUSE

The cause of the prolapse is usually not always determined, but in bulldog puppies, gastrointestinal parasites like Giardia and ongoing diarrhea are suspected underlying causes.

  • Parasites: worms and protozoa
  • Dietary
  • IBD: chronic inflammation
  • Tumors
  • Rectal Polyps

Bulldog Rectal Prolapse TIMELY TREATMENT

Early treatment is crucial. If the prolapsed tissue is alive and not too traumatized, I will try to push it back into a normal position with lubricants and then place pursuing sutures for a few days to prevent a re-prolapse.

Its important that the pursuing sutures are loose enough to allow proper elimination

Bulldog Rectal Prolapse SURGERY

If the prolapsed tissue is necrotized, surgery will be needed; the dead part is incised, and the remaining tissue of the large intestine is sutured to the anus.

It is best to avoid surgery since amputation of the rectum is can lead to complications such as infection and fecal incontinence.

Why my bulldog died after a rectal prolapse

Answer for My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery PRE-OP WORKUP:

A diagnostic workup is required; examples are

  • ECG
  • CBC (complete blood count)
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Urine Analysis
  • Fecal Text
  • Radiographs
  • Ultrasound.

Botanical Fiber Supplement For Fr. Bulldog Rectal Prolapse

Why My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery  COMMUNICATION:

Updates, full transparency, and rationale for extended hospitalization are required.

Answer for Why My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery 24H CARE:

Critical cases necessitate after-hours care and medical staff attention.

If the hospital cannot provide it, alternative options should be explored, such as referring to an overnight urgent care location.

If a patient is left overnight without medical team attendance, then a consent form listing the risks should be provided to the owner.

Why My Bulldog Died  MEDICAL RECORDS:

Daily written records are required, including weight, vitals, test results, treatment given, and recommendations.

You can request a copy of the record and have the case reviewed by a third party

Answer for My Bulldog Died from Rectal Prolapse Surgery SUMMARY:

Diligence, trust, and transparency, as well as adherence to the standard of medicine, are a must.

When those principles are practiced, there is acceptance and peace, regardless of the outcome.

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