Will Neutering Reduce Anxiety And Aggression in French Bulldog

I have intact 3 male French Bulldogs we brought to Florida from Germany, where neutering is not as common as in the US.  David, the father of Raymond is 12 and his puppy is 2.  The other (Chico) is not a littermate and also 2.

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Usually, they all get along well; however, the two little ones become jealous and fight.  Chico is smaller and often receives minor injuries – bloody lip, chin.  Recently, he spent 4 days in the hospital due to lacerations to his tongue which required surgery.  The surgery resulted in esophagitis and regurgitation which necessitated him having an IV until the inflammation went down.


My husband and I let them fight a bit, as they sometimes stop without incident.  Other times, it is more extreme and we intercede.  We have both been bitten – usually me – by Raymond who goes rather out of control.  He is very athletic and energetic.  He knows basic obedience, comes when called offline, and is a generally loving and sweet guy.  Jealousy, attention, food, space can all be triggered.  Loud noise – such as a shake can of coins, clapping does not work.


Time out – 5 minutes of isolation in a quiet, darkened room – does help Raymond, but that is difficult during an actual fight.  I have been trying non-THC CBD oil – Calming.  It might be helping, but dosage/ times per day is not prescribed, therefore, I do not want to give either of them too much/too often.


Should we neuter both? Our local veterinarian doesn’t think it will necessarily make a difference. Any and all guidance is appreciated.


Thank you.  Jayme Norris, Naples, FL

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 3 years ago

Answer for Will Neutering Reduce Anxiety And Aggression in French Bulldog

Answer for Will Neutering Reduce Anxiety and Aggression in French Bulldogs, Dear Jayme:

Anxiety and aggression in bulldogs and French bulldogs could be a mix of

  • genetic elements
  • inadequate socialization
  • inadequate training
  • environmental triggers (stressors)

30 % of bulldogs and French bulldogs are estimated to suffer from some form of anxiety

Anxious Bulldog Emotional and Behavioral Effects:

Anxiety and stress can profoundly affect a bulldog’s well-being, influencing them emotionally, behaviorally, and physically. Delving deeper into your statement:

Bulldog Anxiety: Emotional and Behavioral Effects

  1. Fear and nervousness: Anxious bulldogs may display symptoms such as
    1. trembling
    2. excessive vocalization
    3. hiding
    4. destructive behaviors
  2. Social withdrawal: They might avoid interaction with other dogs or people, becoming withdrawn and less playful.
  3. Separation anxiety: Being separated from loved ones can cause significant distress, leading to
    1. howling
    2. pacing
    3. self-trauma
  4. Compulsive behaviors: Repetitive actions like:
    • licking
    • pawing
    • tail-chasing

Bulldog Anxiety: Physiological and Physical Effects

  1. Elevated cortisol levels: Chronic stress can result in higher cortisol production, impacting your bulldog’s health
  2. Skin problems: Stress may manifest through skin conditions like
    1. itching
    2. hair loss
    3. hot spots.
  3. Digestive issues:
    1. nervous diarrhea
    2. vomiting
    3. appetite changes
  4. Cardiovascular problems: High cortisol levels can contribute to an increased heart rate and blood pressure, putting strain on the cardiovascular system.
  5. Weakened immune system: Chronic stress can impair the immune system, making bulldogs more susceptible to infections.

The negative effects of stress and anxiety significantly impact a bulldog’s quality of life

Bulldog Anxiety Effect on Quality of Life

  1. Decreased activity and enjoyment
  2. Reduced lifespan
  3. Lower resilience

Answer for Will Neutering Reduces Anxiety And Aggression in French Bulldogs THE GUT HEALTH:

Stress can hurt the gut microbiome, potentially leading to dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome. These conditions have been linked to an increase in undesirable behaviors and aggression, further compounding the issue

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Answer for Will Neutering Reduce Anxiety And Aggression in French Bulldog SOLUTIONS:

It’s important to identify the triggers:

  1. SAFETY & AVOIDANCE: A safe environment avoids the triggers and stimuli
  2. ENVIRONMENTAL ENRICHMENTS: by play, toys, and physical activity.
  3. SOCIALIZATION: safe activities with other dogs
  4. REWARD: Reward for good behavior instead of punishment (punishment will compound the anxiety)
  5. BHIVORIST: professional dog trainer
  6. STRESS ELIMINATION: chronic stress that is due to internal and external parasites and chronic pain
  7. ENVIRONMENT CALM: music, essential oil, personal items
  8. STRUCTURED ROUTINE: Consistent exercise, mealtimes, and playtime schedules can offer comfort and stability.


  • Tricyclic (Clomipramine) to help increase serotonin
  • SSRI ( Fluoxetine=Prozac): Increase Serotonin
  • Benzodiazepines (Diazepam, Xanax)


Bully therapeutics are safe, inexpensive, and nonprescription

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Answer for Will Neutering Reduces Anxiety And Aggression in French Bulldogs WARNING:

If your bulldog is aggressive towards other dogs or people there is an element of liability and accountability to consider. This involves a serious ethical issue that you must address. The safety of your family, your other pets, and the community is a priority.

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