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Bulldog Head Tremors

my one and a half-year-old English bulldog started having multiple episodes of head tremors today that would last five minutes or longer each. Definitely tremors not seizures.

I took him to the vet because I felt like he has had a lot in a short amount of time they recommended I take him to UC Davis neurology where he was admitted last year for meningitis to get a CSS and MRI. I’m sure you can imagine how expensive it was for his illness and reading through your site I am wondering if it’s necessary for him to have this done if there could be cerebral damage from meningitis or if this is something he might have moving forward forever?

He has not had tremors since his illness except one other time when he was ill again. He has no fever now, also eating and drinking fine. The treats toys and honey did not make him snap out of it he would continue to head bob while walking around.

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Dr. R.J. Kraemer answered 9 months ago

Answer for Bulldog Head Tremors

Answer for bulldog head tremors is likely ” bulldog idiopathic head tremors” which is the most common form of bulldog and French bulldog head tremors.

Idiopathic means a spontaneous occurrence of a condition that lacks a known cause. But there are other diseases and medical conditions that could present with head-shaking similar to the idiopathic one

Bulldog idiopathic head shaking is the most common cause of BULLDOG HEAD TREMORS


The idiopathic bulldog head tremor starts spontaneously, it usually does not last long and though might be scary it is usually benign and without any short or long-term adverse health consequences.

As far as we know, gulldog  Head Tremors are not painful nor distressing to your bulldog 


You mentioned that in the past he had meningitis and that prior head bobbing episodes were attributed to it by the team in US Davis.

You mentioned that he had a spinal tap at that time, and his cerebral spinal fluid was tested.

You also mentioned that an MRI was done, and I assume they also requested and conducted general blood tests and urine analysis.

You did not mention or attached the findings of those tests.


I would recommend that you test or retest him at your local vet for

  1. PRE & POST BILE ACID BLOOD TEST: the bile acid test screens for portal hypertension and/or PSS (liver shunt), those could be a congenital problem or a required one.
  2. CBC, CHEMISTRIES, URINE: You should also have his blood count, comprehensive chemistries including electrolytes and thyroid screen, and urine.


Bulldog and French bulldog idiopathic head bobbing do not require treatment.

The bulldog head shaking, nodding, and bobbing usually stop with some head movement which can be elicited by some sort of distraction such as toys, treats, food, or play.

You mentioned that you have attempted disrupting measures with little success, that non of those attempts yield any improvements

Answer for Bulldog Head Tremors ANTI CONVULSIVE THERAPY

As we already discussed bulldog idiopathic head shaking does not require treatment, nevertheless since in your case, the head bobbing did not stop despite the various disruption you attempted, you should discuss with your vet a short-term trial with anti-convulsive medication (assuming you are not planning to take him back to US Davis.)

Answer for Bulldog Head Tremors SUGAR MYTH

You mentioned attempting to stop your bully’s head from shaking with sugary treats. Please note sugar, honey, and maple syrup are only recommended for depressed or seizure hypoglycemic dogs.

Hypoglycemia might happen with an overdose of insulin, sick puppies, and Insoloma tumors.


You were certain that the head-shakings you observed were not seizures. Keep in mind that bulldog head tremors due to focal seizures and/or intention tremors are very similar to the common idiopathic head tremor type. Thus, you and your vet should discuss the unlikely possibilities of other underlining diseases and if necessary have you referred to a boarded neurologist.

You are welcome to send me videos, previous reports, and lab results.

I hope it all turns out ok, to watch additional videos, and learn more about bulldog head tremors, shaking, bobbing, and nodding CLICK HERE.

“An Ounce Of PREVENTIVES Is Worth A Pound Of CURE”

Answer for Bulldog Head Tremors

*This guide was compiled courtesy of Dr. Kraemer, a “must-read” manual for any current or future bully owner

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