My bulldog  bulldog cant pee

Dr. Kraemer, please help me save my bulldog, Zeus.

He’s always been sick and is allergic to everything. Several weeks ago, he started having problems peeing. He can only get a few drops out at a time. My vet has run X-rays, ultrasounds, blood, and urine tests, and they can’t figure out why.


No antibiotic helps. He’s suffering so much that I’m going to have to put him down if we can’t find an answer. Do you have ideas? Thank you so much.

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 4 years ago

Answer to My bulldog urination problem my bulldog cant pee

Dear Toni.

Most likely, a male bulldog, especially one not neutered, has a stone lodged in his urethra. Did they try to place a urinary catheter?

Was there any resistance? (it should pass easily.)

Best of luck

Answer to My bulldog urination problem my bulldog cant pee radiographAnswer to My bulldog urination problem my bulldog cant pee stone


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