French Bulldog Otitis Ear Disease Surgery 

Good morning, Dr. Kraemer

Dr. Kraemer, I would like to ask what treatment you would give a French Bulldog who has Otitis ear problems when he has been prescribed antibiotics in tablet form.

Otitis purulent infected bulldog ear disease with polyps

I have attached his vet’s report, which states that the only solution is surgery.


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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 5 years ago

Answer for French Bulldog Otitis Ear Disease Surgery

Dear Diane, otitis is a prevalent issue in bulldogs and French bulldogs, often manifesting early in their lives. This commonality can be attributed to the inherent combination of compressed facial anatomy in these breeds.

This anatomical feature results in the narrowing of the ear canal, inadequate self-cleaning of the canal, and a predisposition to allergies within the breed.

Answer for French Bulldog Otitis Ear Disease PREVENTIVE CARE:

If you’ve perused my “Bulldog Prevent & Treat” articles, you’re aware that the key to averting bulldog otitis and chronic ear disease lies in regular early-weekly ear wiping, cleaning, and rinsing. The most cost-effective and efficient approach is, indeed, prevention.

A weekly ear flush with a product like

It is not clear from the report you posted the extent and chronicity of your bulldog ear disease.

bully therapeutic ear rinse demo

Answer for French Bulldog Otitis Ear Disease DIAGNOSIS:

The culture is typically insignificant (yours revealed a common gram-positive staph).

I’ve come across many second-opinion cases that endured unnecessary pain and wasteful expenditures for what was an obvious irreversible, calcified, and sometimes ossified end-stage bulldog ear canal disease.

Those unfortunate pets and owners had, among other

  • cultures
  • cytology
  • anesthetic deep-ear flush
  • multiple treatments, some potentially harmful

The closed stenotic calcified bulldog ear canal’s only long-term-worthy solution is a total ear canal resection (TECA)

Bulldog irreversible end stage ear disease

Answer for French Bulldog End-Stage Ear Disease 

Nothing other than TECA w BO (total ear canal resection with bulla osteotomy) will help those painful end-stage stenotic bulldog ear canals.

bulldog end stage ear disease TECA surgery


I am concerned about the vestibular issue you mentioned (the vestibular nerve is located in your bulldog’s inner ear). Therefore, before moving forward, I suggest obtaining a CT image for further evaluation.

Answer for French Bulldog Otitis Ear Disease Recommendations:

Ear disease, especially in its end stage, is painful, necessitating the provision of pain relief.


Frequently, I can determine the necessity of a TECA (total ear canal ablation) through digital palpation of the external canal and a visual examination.

Any interventions undertaken until a TECA is performed would be focused on palliative treatments aimed at managing pain.

pain relief theraputic supplement for end stage French bulldog ear disease


There are instances where the initial segment of the ear canal seems manageable. However, upon further examination using an otoscope, it becomes evident that this is not the case. Sedation is typically necessary for a thorough otoscopic examination. Tumors and polyps in the horizontal canal serve as examples of such cases.

Bulldog Otoscopic Ear Exam


A computed tomography scan (CT) is recommended especially in the presence of neurological problems

Answer for French Bulldog Otitis Ear Disease PAIN MANAGEMENT:

Bulldog otitis can be very painful, I recommend that you keep any bulldog or French bulldog suffering from advanced ear disease on pain management, such as NASID’s

Yeasty Bully Ears Bundle - Ultimate

You can also combine that with nonprescription supplements like the

If only one ear is affected, it is crucial to dedicate yourself to lifelong preventive care to safeguard the health of the other ear.


Manage your bulldog and French bulldog allergies. 

Answer for French Bulldog Otitis Ear Canal Surgery

Ensure that the surgeon possesses ample experience and has successfully executed this intricate and time-consuming procedure numerous times.

Emphasizing this point is crucial, given the presence of vital nerves and structures situated near or within the ear canal.

Thorough cleaning of the bulla is essential, as leaving behind infected tissue could result in a persistent draining tract and abscess.

Good Luck and keep us posted

Dr. Kraemer Vet4Bulldog

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