UTI due to Vaginal Fold Dermatitis in Bulldogs

Vaginal Folds Moist Dermatitis Leading to Urinary Problems in Bulldogs


Vaginal Fold Moist Dermatitis (pyoderma) can occur in female dogs that have excess skin fold around their private area (Perivalvular).

 V4B Bulldog Maintenance:

Keeping those folds dry and healthy is essential. When not properly taken care of, these folds can often become filled with bacteria and fungus which can be very painful and irritating to your bully.

 V4B Bulldog Rule of Thumb:

As with any deep dermal folds, the warm, humid and moist conditions are a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast overgrowth, all leading to skin fold dermatitis. This dermatitis is often a severe form manifested with discoloration, moisture production, as well as smelly and ulcerated wounds (pyoderma). My general rule for skin fold maintenance is wiping the folds once daily.  For mild cases, the recommendation is to use baby wipes for this daily cleansing. For more severe cases, the recommendation is to use something like my V4B Nose-Tail-Toe Skin Fold Wipe or my V4B Skin-Fold Lotion with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties plus PhytoSphingosine to restore the skin barrier.

 V4B Bulldog Tips & Warnings

Vulvoplasty (Episioplasy) Surgical Repair in Female Bulldogs Suffering from Vaginal Skin Fold Moist Dermatitis

Vulvoplasty (Episioplasty) Surgical Repair in Bulldogs Suffering from Vaginal Skin Fold Moist Dermatitis

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the curvature and depth of the folds with your fingers.  You might find it easier to role your bully on her back or side, which better exposes the folds and makes them more accessible.  Many bulldog owners use baby wipes (mild case) or medicated wipes (moderate to severe) like my V4B Skin-fold Wipe or Skin-fold Lotion and wipe both sides up and down on a daily basis.

Warning: When vaginal fold dermatitis leads to chronic, persistent UTI, and/or to severe and persistent moist dermatitis, I usually recommend surgical removal of those folds (Episioplasty or Vulvaplasty in Bulldogs Vaginal Skin Fold Pyoderma Dermatitis).

Warning: Some owners and pet care professionals will mistakenly assume that the pet sensitivity and rear end itching is due to anal gland impaction and/or parasites. It is easy to miss the true problem due to the vagina being low and under the rear end in its anatomical location. 

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*The guide was compiled courtesy of Dr. Kraemer, a “must read” for any current or future bulldog owner.

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