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Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Grain-Free Diets

Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Grain-Free Diets Must Know

During the domestication evolution, dogs genetically evolved from being predominantly meat-eaters to the present mixed-diet ones.

Grains are dry seeds harvested from flowering plants, like rice, corn, oats, quinoa, wheat, and barley. Erroneously many bulldog and French bulldogs owners equate grain-free with carbohydrate-free. In reality, “Grain-Free diets” simply replace the grain with other carbohydrate sources like potatoes and legumes such as green peas, chickpeas, and lentils.

* Grains benefits to bulldogs and French bulldogs also include growth stimulation of beneficial gastrointestinal-bacteria (Probiotics), as well as providing your bulldog essential vitamins and minerals.

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Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Grain-Free Diets ALERT: There is a new alert from the FDA (July 2019) showing a possible link between GRAIN-FREE diets and Canine Cardiomyopathy (heart disease that can lead to congestive heart failure). In the cases where the dogs ate only a single primary diet and did not eat multiple foods, excluding treats, 90% reported feeding a Grain-Free food.”Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Grain-Free Diets Must Know

The release states there appears to be an association with Grain-Free diets and the development of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).”

Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Grain-Free Diets ALERT, GRAIN LEADS TO ALLERGIES” Myth: Grains are considered by many bulldog owner as the lead cause of food allergy, hence the rising popularity of the Grain-Free diets. the fact is that proteins, not grain are the common source/cause of bulldog food allergy.   Grains, as you know, are predominately carbohydrates.  If If you suspect that your bulldog or French bulldog is suffering from a food allergy due to grain then you can test this claim by feeding your bulldog with the same dietary protein source but grain-free (i.e. everything should stay the same other than the grain part). If the allergy is skin-related you should run the trail for 8 weeks, if it’s gastrointestinal related two weeks are usually enough.



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