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Jessica Niblett asked 6 months ago

8yo English Bulldog, skin irritation and hair loss Malibu Fires

We are fostering an English Bulldog who was displaced by the recent  Malibu fires. We have had him for about 6 weeks and  have noticed some new skin irritation spots and hair loss.  He has some scabbing and redness on his skin. The family said this is not the first time but they have not had it treated before.
When we took him in his whole environment changed (food, home, weather/season/sunlight, not to mention the extra stress of being uprooted so it may be hard to pinpoint an allergy.
Is there any topical treatment, shampoo that may help?
Also concerned if it could be mange or mites and a prescription may be needed?
He doesnt seem to be bothered by the spots, they dont seem to cause him pain or itchiness.
We do have another dog (12yo Bluetick coonhound) who is healthy and isnt showing any signs of skin issues.
The plan is to return him to his family when they find a new home, just trying to make him comfortable while he is here and maybe help him long term.
Located in Costa Mesa, CA
Thank you!

here is his family and their old home

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Dr. R.J. Kraemer Staff answered 6 months ago

Dear family
Our gratitude and thanks for your help in time of need, and for taking care of this family bulldog, this is an absolutely devastating and heartbreaking tragedy but I am glad to see that everyone is ok.  All your comments are valid, STRESS is always a factor as it affects our pets immune system and gastrointestinal bacteria. Obviously, the fires could compound environmental atopic allergies. Skin mites as mentioned as well as other external parasites (fleas, ringworms) could be a factor, a skin scrape to r/o demodex should be done. Cytology can also help to r/o yeast and bacteria. I would be happy to donate some skin products for him, such as an antiseptic shampoo and a hypoallergenic waterless gel. Please contact me so we can arrange for it.
Natural supplements like pre and probiotics, and stress relief botanicals, as well as fish oil with Omega 3 and 6, could also help. If you like to bring him to see me please call my team and mention this Q&A reference.

Best of luck to the family, I hope they all reunite soon enough.
Please have them call me if they need further assistance
Happy New Year
Dr Kraemer Vet4Bulldog

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