Head Tremors and Incontinence in French Bulldog

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Roy-k Staff asked 5 years ago

Head Tremors and Incontinence in French Bulldog

Hi Dr. Kraemer,
I found your website and love the information it provides. I am a first time owner of the frenchie breed. I have a 1 yr old female french bulldog. She has fecal and urine incontinence. Yesterday for the first time she had a head tremors, shaking her head \”no\”. It was off and on for 2 hours. She was responsive and did no show any other neurological signs. Should I be worried about the length of time it occurred. Also what should I expect moving forward? Is this now a condition she will always have? Could the head tremor be related to her spinal problem? Should I bring her to you for an exam? I am located in Fresno, CA.
Thank you for your time,

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Roy-k Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Denise from Fresno
I am worried about the fecal and urine incontinence, what did your veterinarian say about it? The French bulldog head tremors might not be related please see if they stop when you distract her with food or a toy if so it is likely idiopathic and not related. Regardless, the incontinence is a big concern, radiographs and/or MRI should be taken. I would be most concern about wedging (vertebral malformation and spinal Bifida). In general, you should also run basic blood and urine test and possibly a bile acid test to r/o a shunt (PSS).

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