French Bulldog Puppy vomiting Question

Good Morning Dr. K,

My French bulldog puppy (born 9/1/2018) vomits on a consistent basis.  Sometimes 3-4 times a week (sometimes undigested food or sometimes bile).

French bulldog foreign body vomiting

The doctor has tested her for vascular ring anomalies and additions and ruled out both items.  Right now, we are currently tweaking her diet.

When I got her, I was feeding her the following food:  The vet then prescribed her a prescription blend rx diet.  Since the problem persisted, we have also tried the canned version of that food.

However, the problem continues.  Being that all of these foods are chicken-based, we are thinking she might have an issue with chicken.  This is only an assumption.

Can you please provide me with your thoughts, being that you specialize in bulldogs?

Please note, aside from the consistent vomiting she also sheds and scratches herself tremendously.



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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 5 years ago

Answer to the French Bulldog Puppy Vomiting Issue

Dear Brian

I regret learning about your French bulldog puppy’s health issues. Vascular ring anomaly and Addison’s (hypoadrenalism) disease are both exceptionally rare conditions.

In the case of Addison’s, one would anticipate electrolyte imbalances and an unwell, lethargic dog. Consequently, testing for these conditions would not be a priority without a comprehensive medical history, general laboratory testing, or indications from routine imaging that align with either of these conditions.

As a general practice, my approach is to begin the diagnostic process with the most probable causes, progressing to the less likely ones.

This approach facilitates the optimization process for uncovering a medical diagnosis and formulating a suitable therapeutic plan.

Answer to French Bulldog Puppy Vomiting Issue: FOOD ALLERGY

If your dog is itchy and vomiting, there is a good chance he or she has a food allergy.


I recommend that you initiate a food allergy trial using a prescription hydrolyzed hypoallergenic diet instead of a blended one. The puppies should adhere strictly to this diet for at least two weeks in the case of food allergy gastroenteritis and a minimum of two months for food allergy dermatitis.

trial with hypoallergenic diet for bulldog food allergy

Answer to the French Bulldog Puppy Vomiting Issue IMAGING:

To eliminate the possibility of megaesophagus and hiatal hernia conditions frequently observed in this breed, particularly among those affected by brachycephalic syndrome, schedule contrast radiographs. If required, proceed with ultrasound, and subsequently, contemplate an endoscopy.

bulldog hiatal hernia radiograph


Megaesophagus often results in regurgitation rather than vomiting. In either case, your French bulldog puppy is at a heightened risk of aspiration pneumonia.

Dr. Kraemer’s Answer for Bulldog Puppy Vomiting Issue PYLORIC STENOSIS:

Based on the history you provided this could be gastric emptying issues (pyloric stenosis) or an undetected foreign body.

Dr. Kraemer’s Answer for Bulldog Vomiting  TESTING RECOMMENDATIONS:

In addition to the common screening tests like general blood panels and radiographs, you should have your pup undergo the following tests:

  • Fecal testing: for various parasites
  • Pancreatic testing: for chronic pancreatitis
  • Screen test for IBD
  • Laparotomy: last will be exploration and biopsies via laparotomy  or endoscopy

Dr. Kraemer’s Answer for Bulldog Vomiting  BULLY THERAPEUTICS RECOMMENDATIONS:

Your puppy could benefit from some nonprescription therapeutics, such as

V4B bulldog probiotic for vomitingPrescription medications are available for addressing issues like vomiting, reflux, motility, and acidity. However, it is advisable to identify the underlying condition before initiating prolonged prescription medication. These medications come with potential side effects.

Good luck and keep us posted
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Dr. Kraemer Vet4Bulldog

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