English Bulldog Skin Condition Problem

Dr. Kraemer, I have several of the articles listed concerning skin issues list on your website.

Unfortunately, I am located on the east coast or I would request an appointment to be seen for my sweet English Bulldog.

bulldog dry crusty infected skin problem

He is experiencing hair loss and has hard-crust spots associated with the hair coming out. I have changed him over to a raw diet and it seems it has gotten worse.

I believe this is a result of the yeast leaving his body. Is there any way I could email a photo for an opinion.

My poor boy is almost 9 months old and for a very reputable bloodline.

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 5 years ago

Answer for English Bulldog Skin Condition Problem

Dear Joe

What you describe is consistent with a wide range of bulldog skin conditions, such as

bulldog infected itchy red belly contact allergy

English Bulldog Raw Diets and Skin Disease

I have concerns regarding raw diets due to the potential contamination risk linked to unpasteurized foods. Nevertheless, if you suspect a food allergy, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian and initiate a hypoallergenic elimination diet.

Bulldogs and Yeast Infections

Concerning the statement about “yeast leaving his body,” I’m unsure of its intended meaning. Perhaps you meant “yeast residing in his body“?

Yeast microorganisms are inherent to your bulldog’s skin, posing a challenge only when the skin barrier is compromised.

The V4B yeasty antiseptic bully medicated shampoo and gel serve as an optimal topical treatment for addressing this condition.

Bulldog Nine-Month-Old  Skin Disease Testing Recommendations

Due to your bulldog’s young age (9 months), I would recommend the following:


A simple test can help in the diagnosis of skin mites.

  • Sarcoptic mange mites are rare, contagious, challenging to find on a scrape, and typically very itchy.
  • Demodex red mites are common, usually non-itchy, and easy to find on a scrape.


A simple in-house test can help in the diagnosis of microorganisms and abnormal cells.

  • bacteria (cocci, mostly staph bacteria or rods)
  • yeast
  • inflammatory cells (white blood cells)
  • abnormal cells

A Bulldog Nine-Month-Old  Skin Disease Prevent & Treat Recommendations:


If positive for Demodex then treatment recommendations will include topical medicated shampoos and gels as well as therapeutic immune boosters

Prescription medication often includes ivermectin, as provided by your vet. At times, selective flea preventives could replace ivermectin.


If positive for bacteria and yeast, start topical treatment with medicated shampoo and gels

bulldog skin and coat brewers dried yeast

English Bulldog Puppy Allergies Recommendations:

For atopic dermatitis, use topical bully therapeutics mix of medicated shampoos, conditioners, and gels

You can also add bully therapeutic supplements

Last, you are welcome to send me additional before and after photos

keep me posted and good luck

Dr. Kraemer Vet4Bulldog

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