Three Times Urethral Prolapse in English Bulldog

I have an English Bulldog who is 15 months old. He has had a urethral prolapse that has occurred 3 times now.


His vet did a procedure the first time with a catheter pushing it back in and stitching it. That lasted about 2 months and then it occurred again. This time he snipped the end off and fixed it up. Now 2 months later it’s occurring again.

Urethral Prolapse in English Bulldog

What would you recommend?


We cannot afford to perform surgery every two months! Advice, please!



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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 6 years ago

Answer for Urethral Prolapse Recurrence in  Bulldogs

Dear C.L.

The prolapsed urethra is a common problem in male bulldogs but is very rare in other dog breeds; thus, most veterinarians might not be familiar with the proper medical and surgical approach.

prolapsed bulldog urethra before surgery repair


Bulldog Urethral Prolapse Recurrence NEUTERING

Bulldog prolapse of the urethra is much more likely to happen in intact, unneutered bulldogs. Therefore, your first step would be to neuter him.

Bulldog Urethral Prolapse Recurrence DIAGNOSTIC TESTS:

You should ask for basic diagnostics, including urine analysis, urine culture, blood screening tests, and radiographs of the abdomen that include the entire urinary tract.

Bulldog Urethral Prolapse Recurrence COMPETENT SURGEON:

Last and most important, surgery should be done ONLY by someone experience with this condition.

Incorrect or frequent trimming can complicate prolapse repair. It’s important to consider that the tip of your bulldog’s penis, where the urethra prolapses, is near the “OS PENIS,” a unique bone at the distal third of the bulldog’s penis.

bulldog bloody prolapsed urethra before surgery

Excessive trimming may reduce the space between the bone and the penis tip, rendering future trimming impractical. Regrettably, in such instances, the only practical option would be a radical amputation of the penis or the creation of a new “tip” (urethrostomy) beneath the bone (mid-penis).


A pexy procedure eliminates the need for cutting and trimming, is swift, cost-effective, necessitates only brief anesthesia, is gentle with minimal post-operative bleeding, and does not mandate a post-operative hospital stay.

Bulldog prolapse urethra after pexy surgery

All my surgeries for prolapsed urethra involve either a pexy-only approach or a combination of amputation with pexy.

Bulldog Urethral Prolapse Recurrence NON-SURGICAL OPTION

If your bulldog’s urethral prolapsed tissue is minor and the bleeding can be managed, you might consider taking a “wait and see” approach.


Keep your bulldog on nonprescription bully therapeutic calming and relaxing supplements.

Bulldog Stress Less Bundle - Essential

Consult your veterinarian regarding obtaining a tranquilizer like Acepromazine to keep on hand for potential bleeding emergencies. If bleeding occurs, create a minimally stimulating environment for your bulldog and administer the tranquilizer to maintain inactivity and calmness.

Ice Pack: Prepare a damp towel and freeze it until it’s nearly icy, then apply it over the penile area (ensuring your bulldog is adequately tranquilized and lying down).

Continue this routine for at least 2–3 days, allowing sufficient time for the blood clot to form into a fibrous plug.

Good Luck


Dr. Kraemer Vet4bulldog

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