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Bulldog Arthritis

Joint and Arthritic pain in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are often the outcome of common orthopedic conditions such as ACL tears, Hip Dysplasia, Patella Luxation and Elbow Dysplasia. Dr. Kraemer’s V4B Joint & Bone Supplements can help prevent, slow down, and alleviate the arthritic and painful degenerative process.

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Bulldog Supplements

Dr. Kraemer’s V4B Supplements and Nutraceuticals are an assortment of therapeutic compounds that could help support, care and relieve Bulldog and French Bulldog common skin, immune, joints, gastrointestinal, liver and nutritional deficiencies and medical conditions.

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Bulldog Skin-Fold Dermatitis

Skin Fold Dermatitis in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs is an itchy and painful condition that requires daily nursing and care. Dr. Kraemer’s antiseptic & antifungal V4B Nose-Tail-Toe Skin Fold Collection is the ideal skin fold upkeep go to kit for the bulldog owner.

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Bulldog Allergies

Allergies, Itch Dermatitis and Ear Infection are widespread in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. Dr. Kraemer assembled a wide range, of unique skin and ear care products that includes V4B medicated rinses, lotions, gels, shampoos and conditioners that are custom formulated to the breed special needs.

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We Are Serious About Your Bulldogs Health

Dr. Kraemer’s Vet4Bulldog (V4B) store offers a wide range of essential English bulldog and French bulldog wellness products.  All of Dr. Kraemer’s V4B products are tailor-made for your bulldog’s optimal wellness.  The Vet4Bulldog products for the care of your bulldog’s coat, ears and skin folds are medically formulated with innovative and patented ingredients that protect your bulldog from conditions caused by bacteria, yeast and allergies. The Vet4Bulldog coat and skin care line includes medicated shampoos, medicated lotions, gels and conditioners that are hypoallergenic, antiseptic, anti-itch and anti-inflammatory. The bulldog skin-fold care line includes topical anti-bacterial and anti-yeast products that come in soothing wipes, lotions, sprays and rinses. Dr. Kraemer’s Vet4Bulldog topical health care line also includes drying ear rinses and an antibacterial, anti-yeast ear flush specially formulated for your bulldog’s sensitive ears.
Bulldog Products by Dr Kraemer Vet4Bulldog
Bulldog Products by Dr Kraemer Vet4Bulldog

We Are Serious About Your Bulldogs Health

In addition to the V4B skin, coat, and ear products, Dr. Kraemer’s V4B store also offers a wide selection of high quality premium bulldog supplements that include joint and bone support chewable anti-inflammatory tablets, oral essential fatty acid (EFA) omega fish oil capsules, liver detox tablets, anti-oxidants, probiotics/indigestion relief supplements, as well as dental hygiene chews and rinses. Dr. Kraemer is proud to announce his Empower Rescue “V4B Pledge” charity campaign which provides funding for shelter dogs as well as medical care for numerous rescued bulldogs.  With every purchase you make, Dr. Kraemer will donate a percentage to support a non-for-profit bulldog rescue such as SCBR (Southern California Bulldog Rescue) giving you, our loyal customer, the Empower Rescue V4B Pledge “No Bulldog Left Behind“ badge of honor.
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