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A Bulldog Used as a Bait Dog Rescued By SCBR

Tandra on arrival ventral chest puncture bites-001

“Tundra”, a pit bull/bulldog mix was used as bait in illegal organized dog fights. She was rescued by SCBR after she was found wandering around severely wounded. She suffered from numerous painful bite wounds – a few of them, wounds inflicted to the chest and lungs (pneumothorax) that were extremely dangerous. Skip Van Der Marliere, the founder of SCBR, went to pick her up and transported her to see Dr. Kraemer, at his Animal Hospital “She was in so much pain, and terrified, I had to ask Dr. Kraemer’s staff for help just to get her into ICU for fear I would get bitten” recalls Skip.

After evaluation and medical care, Dr. Kraemer stabilized her with fluid replacement (IV fluid), pain medication and antibiotics and then took her to surgery.  After extensive surgery and a few days in intensive care, “Tundra” began to recover, attended with CARE & LOVE by Dr. Kraemer’s staff and the rescue volunteers with regard to her still-lingering emotional scars and mental trauma. Skip contacted Tia from the “Pit Bull and Parolee” rescue group to see if “Tundra” could continue her rehabilitation with her. The next day Tia came with her crew to visit and soon after Tundra was given the OK and moved in with Tia. To watch Tundra’s story as told on the popular Discovery Animal Planet “Pit Bulls And Parolees” series go to ourMediaRoom.
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Update: Tundra made a complete recovery and was ready for adoption. Tundra is now “Ruby” and is living in Arizona with a loving couple who adore her. They came from Arizona a while ago to visit me and I could immediately tell that the abuse and emotional trauma were long gone, only a few physical scars are left as a reminder of the contrast between cruelty and love. 


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