Bleeding Prolapsed Urethra Bulldog Question

By: Dr. Roy Kraemer |
DVM, Bulldog Specialist Veterinarian

Dear Dr. Kraemer,

Harvey’s penis is dripping blood intermittently.

Harvey just turned 11 months old. Yesterday, I noticed a few blood drips from his penis. Overnight, there was blood in his crate, and when I led him to the yard, he started dripping.

I only notice this when the penis is exposed; when it is retracted, the bleeding stops. He touches shrubbery when he pees, so a tough branch could have rubbed against his privates and injured it. Reading up on this, the term prolapsed urethra comes up.

Not sure. The blood drip does not happen when his private is retracted.

If this is a prolapse, is surgery necessary, or could this be cured with steroids? What are the options? I am observing him closely while he is asleep.

Dr. Kraemer’s Answer:

It sure sounds like a typical bleeding prolapsed urethra; though rare in other breeds, it is quite common in intact bulldog males. 

Prolapse Urethra Treatment and Surgery WARNING

Because prolapsed urethras are uncommon in other breeds, most veterinarians are unaware of how to repair or treat them.

Unfortunately, I see bulldogs with this condition a few times a year for a second opinion and to request a review and surgical revision.

Bleeding Prolapse Urethra TIP

Please have a veterinarian who is familiar with bulldogs and prolapse urethra surgical repair examine him and then, if needed, provide you with therapeutical options.

Repaired prolapse urethra


Bulldog Prolapse Urethra TIP

Routine urine analysis and urine culture should be done, as well as a blood panel to rule out disease and infections.

Prolapse Urethra Neutering TIP

Having your dog neutered will reduce the chances of re-prolapsing

Prolapse Urethra Neutering Therapy TIP

Surgery is not necessary for minor, infrequent bleeds.

Maintaining your bully’s calm and relaxation for a few days, as well as applying a cold pack, such as a wet towel placed in the freezer for a few minutes, will allow the blood to clot and become fibrous, forming a solid seal over the mucosal bleeding wound.

The bleeding area is mucosa, the delicate inner urethral tissue exposed by the prolapse.

This will most likely necessitate three days of rest, or the seal will break and the bleeding will resume.

You can try one of Dr. Kraemer’s nonprescription V4B bully therapeutic supplements.

Bulldog Elongated Soft Palate Bundle - Basic

Bulldog Prolapse Urethra Surgical Amputation TIP:

Surgical amputation of the prolapsed section should be your last resort and should be reserved for cases who continue to bleed despite medical care and sexy (tacking in the prolapsed section)

For more in-depth information, go to my article on that topic HERE

Dr. Kraemer is a Tufts Veterinary School 1991 graduate (Boston, MA).

He is a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and the SCVMA (Southern California Veterinary Medical Association). He has been practicing veterinary medicine and surgery in Orange County, California, for over 20 years.

Dr. Kraemer has a special interest in Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and other Brachycephalic breeds and their unique medical and surgical needs, such as

breathing and airway conditions

joint pain, ligament, and tendon injuries

ear canal disease

skin and allergy problems

eyes and eyelid abnormalities

As well as other medical conditions related to the breed.

Dr. Kraemer is also a leading provider of in-house same-day stem cell therapy and cryobanking for dogs and cats.

Dr. Kraemer has a long-lasting relationship with Bulldog Rescue; he provides shelter, medical,, and surgical services to their bulldogs.

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