Are Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Aggressive Towards Children

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Roy-k Staff asked 6 years ago

Are Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Aggressive Towards Children?

Dear Dr. Kraemer,

Are Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Aggressive Towards Children? My three-year-old English Bulldog is very aggressive towards children. He has attacked four, one needed stitches. He hasn’t been neutered. Our vet very nonchalantly advised we out him down. I asked if they could run blood tests, see if there was anything medically wrong with him. She said there is nothing medically that would cause him to be that aggressive that frequently. Being a specialist in sure you have seen this before. Is there a way to contain the aggression? Anything we can do to help him? I can’t put him down until I know all avenues have been exhausted. I love him too much and would never forgive myself. Thank you so much for your time, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Roy-k Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Autumn
Behavioral problems in bulldogs and French bulldogs are not uncommon. At times its aggression against other dogs, in other cases the aggression is against people. Aggression in bulldogs can be against strangers, specific gender or age group and even against you or/and one of your family members. Bulldog aggression can be due to fear, domination, territorial, anxiety, genetic, medical condition like pain, possessive as to items like food and toys, etc. When it’s against family members or other people you must put safety as your first priority. Male bulldogs should be neutered.  At times collaborating with a reputable dog trainer can help, for other prescribing anti-anxiety medication like Xanax, Prozac and Clomicalm might help. If all fail considering contacting  a local rescue group. Again, the safety of your family and your local community should always be your first priority.

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