English Bulldog and English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldog and English Bulldog Puppy History (Plus Tips by Dr. Kraemer)

English Bulldog and Bulldog Puppy

The English bulldog and The English Bulldog puppy are the symbol of tenacity and stubbornness, past traits that were desired by breeders who were seeking the ultimate “bull fighting” dog, hence the “bulldog” name we all came to love. The facial configuration of the English bulldog was conceived by selective breeding so to reinforce the tight grip of the bulldog to the bull head while the flat bulldog nose permitted breathing even while holding the bull by his nose. This unethical sport is now outlawed, these days, though they retained his stubbornness, they are relatively docile, and well suited to the indoors such as homes and apartments, and have become a traditional family pet.

The bulldog puppy is now ranked as the 4th most popular breed in the USA. Unfortunately, due to the  high ranking some disreputable breeders have taken advantage of the newfound popularity of the breed.

Dr. Kraemer’s English Bulldog Tip 1: (DrKraemers.com)

I recommend that you seek a reputable breeder

Dr. Kraemer’s English Bulldog Puppy Tip 2:  (Vet4HealthyPet.com)

Have your puppy screened by a veterinarian who is familiar with the breed’s unique medical problems.

Dr. Kraemer’s English Bulldog Puppies Tip 3: (StemCell4Pet.com)  

Before buying a new bulldog puppy you might consider checking your local rescue. The cost of a rescue puppy is much lower and you will have the added bonus of saving a bulldog that is in a desperate need of a loving family and a new home. For more information on how to adopt a rescued bulldog and how to support and Empower Rescue, click here.

Dr. Kraemer’s Tip English Bulldogs 4:

English Bulldog puppy at Dr. Kraemer Vet4Healthy Pet Advanced Medical Care

English Bulldog puppy at Dr. Kraemer Vet4Healthy Pet Advanced Medical Care

Before and after buying or adopting a bulldog puppy or other Brachycephalic  breed pets like the French bulldog puppies, and the American Bulldog puppy, read my Zen & Bulldog Maintenance “bulldog 101” chapter. This chapter is the cornerstone of my website, written for in an easy language and is complemented with photos and videos. You will learn how to become a “Bulldog Certified Yoda Master”, keeping your puppy healthy and at minimal cost.

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