French bulldog fractured teeth Question

Hello Dr. Kraemer — I’m Heidi Christenson in NY. I tried registering on your Q&A forum and could not log in.

I have a question about my French bulldog, Stella. She’s in great health, 10 yrs. 5 months. Two days ago, she broke off her lower front fang at the gum line. I’ve consulted my vet who is great but not a dental specialist.

pet broken teeth

French bulldog fractured teeth Question PREVENTION

My vet is recommending surgery to remove the root. I’m researching every avenue to see if surgery can be avoided or if there is something I can do as a preventative measure against infection.

French bulldog fractured teeth Question PAIN

Stella does not appear to be in pain and her affect has not changed at all.

Thank you very much

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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 7 months ago

Answer for French bulldog fractured teeth

Dear Heidi and Stella

Congratulations, Stella, for turning 10.5 years old and going strong.
Good job, Heidi and family

Answer for French bulldog fractured teeth: EXPOSED ROOT

If the root is exposed, as it sounds from your description, then the teeth or root should be removed.

The exposed root will get infected, and by so impact the health of the bone and surrounding tissues.

Over time, you may observe gum redness and swelling, possibly accompanied by an unpleasant odor. In cases involving the upper canine, it could potentially result in an oronasal fistula.

Answer for French bulldog fractured teeth / PAIN

Dogs possess nerves within their teeth, known as the pulp, which houses vital blood vessels and sensory nerves. These nerves are responsible for sensing both hot and cold temperatures, as well as the pain we feel when a tooth issue arises.

Therefore, when your bulldog experiences dental problems like

  • inflamed gums
  • broken teeth
  • deep cavities

The sensitive nerves in their root canals transmit pain signals, causing them discomfort similar to what we would feel in comparable situations.

Your bulldog might not exhibit pain, stop eating, or paw at the mouth as we might expect because dogs are wired and programmed differently than us.

As pack animals, they hide pain well, and they usually continue to eat despite the pain as a means of survival.

Answer for French bulldog fractured teeth

Answer for French bulldog fractured teeth DENTAL RADIOGRAPHS

You should have dental radiographs taken before to allow a proper evaluation of the root, ligament, and surrounding bone.

TIP: to make sure that nothing is left behind post-extraction, dental radiographs are recommended

Answer for French bulldog fractured teeth: ANESTHESIA


Make sure that your vet runs screening tests, such as

  • Blood pressure,
  • Senior blood and urine
  • ECG


Anesthesia is always a concern in bulldogs, more so in senior ones

Make sure that the vet and his/her team are experienced with bulldog anesthesia and recovery

Answer for French bulldog fractured teeth: MEDICAL MANAGEMENT

As a bully owner, your mission would be prevention over RX

Bulldogs owner prefer prevention over RX


  • Antiseptic dental care bully wipes
  • Dental rinse or dental water additive

bulldog Dental antiseptic preventive Bundle

You can also add non-RX bully therapeutic supplements, like:


You should begin pain medication and continue for a short while after the extraction.


Are rarely needed, though most vets tend to be defensive about it and prescribe a few days of antibiotics.

The site should close down and heal relatively quickly. We often place sutures to speed up healing and closure.

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Best of Luck
Dr. Kraemer

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