Corrective surgery for urinary incontinent hermaphrodite French bulldog

Dear Dr. Kramer,

I have a 4-year-old French bulldog, Sage. She was diagnosed with hermaphrodite as a puppy.

french bulldog hermaphrodite urinary incontinence

She has been absolutely normal and healthy all this while, but as she is getting older, she seems to be dribbling and leaking a lot, and I was wondering if there is a possibility to change that through surgery.

I see here on your page that you have worked with such a case before, and I was hoping to get some guidance from you.


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Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 1 month ago

Answer for Corrective surgery for urinary incontinent hermaphrodite French bulldog

Dear Ananyaa, my team and I loved Sage’s lovely photos, Thank you for sharing.

french bulldog pseudohermaphrodite urinary problems

Hermaphroditism in bulldogs is rare; it occurs when male and female reproductive organs combine to varying degrees.

Incontinence is not an uncommon complication of this condition and is usually due to genetic, hormonal, or developmental factors.

There are many missing details, such as

  • Was she spayed?
  • What were the gender organs found?
  • Is she on any treatment?
  • Supplements or medication?
  • Have any lab tests been done?

French Bulldog Hermaphrodite TYPES

There are a variety of hermaphrodites, most of which are pseudohermaphrodites.


In this condition, your bulldog will possess both ovarian and testicular tissue, likely as a result of genetic abnormalities or errors during embryonic development.


Pseudohermaphrodites are where the externally visible genitalia do not match the internal reproductive organs. There are two subtypes:

  • Female pseudohermaphroditism: a genetically male dog has external female genitalia but possesses internal male reproductive organs such as testes.
  • Male pseudohermaphroditism: a genetically female dog that has external male genitalia but internal female reproductive organs such as the ovaries.

Answer to French Bulldog Hermaphrodite Urinary Incontinence / CAUSE:

Urinary incontinence can be due to various problems. The first step would be to determine the exact abnormality shown in your photo, whether it is a true hermaphrodite, pseudohermaphrodite, or some other clitoral hyperplasia

french bulldog pseudohermaphrodite


Causes of clitoral hyperplasia include

  • chronic UTI
  • chronic irritation due to moist dermatitis
  • exogenous androgens (anabolic steroid)
  • endogenous androgens (ovatestis hermaphrodite)

french bulldog pseudohermaphrodite vaginal fold infection


  • Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal fluctuations, particularly those involving estrogen and testosterone, can affect the muscles and nerves controlling the bladder, leading to incontinence.
  • Neurological disorders: Conditions affecting the nervous system, such as spinal cord injuries or degenerative diseases, can disrupt the normal control of bladder function, resulting in incontinence.
  • Congenital abnormalities: Structural abnormalities in the urinary tract or reproductive organs present from birth can predispose dogs to urinary incontinence.
  • Age-related changes: Older dogs may experience weakened bladder muscles or decreased bladder control, leading to urinary incontinence.
  • Urethral abnormalities: The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. In dogs with hermaphroditism, the urethra may be malformed or misplaced.
  • Ectopic ureters: The ureters are the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. In some cases, the ureters may be located in an abnormal position (ectopic) in a dog with hermaphroditism. This can allow urine to leak out of the ureters and into the vagina or vestibule.

bulldog ectopic ureter surgery repair

Answer to French Bulldog Hermaphrodite Urinary Incontinence / DIAGNOSIS:

  • Physical Exam: This is crucial for assessing and identifying any physical abnormalities related to the genitalia and urinary tract.
    • Too much, too little, or normal bladder tone.
    • Too much, too little, or a normal urethral tone.
    • Or some combination of those.
  • Urine Analysis: Helps detect the presence of urinary tract infections, assess urinary concentration, and identify any abnormalities in urine composition.
  • Blood CBC and Chemistries: Helps evaluate overall health, assess kidney function, and identify any systemic issues that may contribute to urinary tract infections.
  • Urine Culture: is essential for identifying the specific bacteria causing the infection and determining their antibiotic sensitivity, which guides appropriate antibiotic therapy.
  • Contrast Urogram Radiology: Provides detailed imaging of the urinary tract to identify structural abnormalities or obstructions.
  • Ultrasound: useful for visualizing the urinary tract, detecting stones, tumors, or other abnormalities, and assessing bladder function.
  • CT Scan: This may be recommended for more detailed imaging of complex urinary tract abnormalities or to evaluate surrounding structures.
  • Blood CBC and Chemistries: Helps evaluate overall health, assess kidney function, and identify any systemic issues that may contribute to urinary tract infections.

cloudily infected urine

Answer to French Bulldog Hermaphrodite Urinary Incontinence / PREVENT & TREAT:

Before initiating any treatment, ensure that the treatment plan is tailored to the identification of the sexual and clitoral conditions, as well as the underlying cause of urinary incontinence.

It is crucial to meet the specific needs of the individual dog and effectively manage the condition.

Regardless of the cause and condition, Sage skin infection must be prevented and managed!

Fr Bulldog Antiseptic Skin fold XL Wipe




Managing vaginal skin folds, the peri vulvar, and local dermatitis is essential.

Ulcerative bulldog vaginal skinfold moist dermatitis

Here are some key points to consider:

Regular hygiene practices, including keeping the genital area clean and dry, can help prevent the development of peri-vulvar dermatitis. This may involve daily cleaning with non-irritating antiseptic bulldog skinfold wipes to help reduce inflammation, control bacterial growth, and promote healing of the affected skin.

Bully skinfold Wipe & Lotion Bundle wellness


Nonprescription supplementation can help heal the infected skin and prevent urinary tract infections

  • Bully Skin & Coat Formula
  • Bully Skin Allergy and Itch Formula
  • Bully Immune Support
  • Bully Urinary Health Formula
  • Bully Fish Oil EFA
  • Bully Comfort and AchLess

Welcome to Our “Prevention Over RX” Bulldog Community!
Fr. Bulldog V4B Urinary Support Handout


In some cases, initiating antibacterial medication will be required. It should be based on the urinary culture findings


Management of hormonal imbalances, if present, can help regulate reproductive function and alleviate associated symptoms.


Phenylpropanolamine can help treat urinary incontinence due to poor muscle tone in the urethral sphincter.


Surgical intervention may be necessary to address ambiguous genitalia or correct structural abnormalities in the urinary tract that contribute to urinary incontinence or recurrent UTIs.

Answer to French Bulldog Hermaphrodite Urinary Incontinence / SUMMERY

Overall, a multifaceted approach that combines diagnostic evaluation, targeted treatment, and preventive measures is essential for managing urinary tract infections and associated conditions in dogs with hermaphroditism.

Best of luck and feel free to update us with any test results

Dr. Kraemer


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