Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling Qustion

Hello, Dr. Kraemer!

My 7.5-year-old female/spayed Frenchie began excessively salivating about a year ago.

Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling

Let me clarify: this happens when she eats and when “the humans” are eating. She does occasionally have some drooling while on walks, but it is mostly frothy, not the thick, sticky drool she has in the presence of food.

Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling in the Presence of Food

She had an exploration of her mouth, and I thought she may have a foreign body lodged somewhere. The vet did find two teeth with puss pockets at the root. These were extracted, and the infections were cleaned out.

Figuring these were the culprits, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Drooling began again immediately. My vet recommended waiting a couple of weeks to see if it subsided. It did not.

Drooling Bulldog Mouth Exams

Another mouth exam was scheduled, which included a

  • dental
  • with mouth, throat, gumline, tongue exploration, teeth, abdominal,
  • head x-rays.

One loose tooth, which was missed on the first exam, was removed.

No other issues were found that could possibly be the causes of the drooling.

Drooling, Hyperaslvating Prescription

Her eating, eliminating, playing, and temperament have all stayed the same.


The vet prescribed omeprazole as he thought the issue could stem from her stomach instead of her mouth. No luck. I am frustrated, as I’m sure my vet is as well, that there isn’t a resolution.

I feel terrible that she has this slimy drooling in her food and water bowls and walks around with a 4-inch-long drool constantly hanging out of her mouth.


Seizure medication and anti-drool medication, along with a CT scan to rule out a possible brain tumor, have all been suggested, but she is not evidencing any seizure activity or symptoms that would indicate a tumor.

Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling Expert Advise

Is it possible that she could have ingested something, such as a foreign object from a toy, that is lodged in her stomach, creating an issue? The abdominal x-rays I mentioned above were done both fasting and non-fasting as a comparison, but they would show something that was slowly breaking down, correct?

Any insights and/or recommendations that you have would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your time.
Theresa Mattson & Pippa

2 Answers
Dr. Roy Kraemer Staff answered 7 months ago

Answer to Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling

Dear Theresa and Pippa

I’m sorry to hear about the persistent ptyalism (excessive drooling and salivating) in “Pippa.” Unfortunately, essential details are missing. I’ll do my best to assist you by offering guidance and therapeutic tips once the information is provided.

Answer to Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling: MISSING INFORMATION

  1. Is she on or was on any drugs in that whole period other than the one mentioned?
  2. Any recent or past ear infections?
  3. Any problem swallowing?
  4. Any abnormal breathing (stridor, stertor, sleep apnea)?
  5. Were any dental radiographs taken?

Answer to Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling: ORAL EXAM

Based on your records, an oral examination was conducted while the animal was under anesthesia. Kindly confirm this.

Additionally, I presume your veterinarian possesses a thorough understanding of the breed’s anatomy and would be capable of recognizing signs of brachycephalic syndrome.

Answer to Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling
  • Elongated soft palate
  • Stenotic nares
  • Prolapse tonsil
  • Laryngeal abnormalities (saccules, etc)
  • Tumors, lumps
  • Abscess:
    • necrotizing tissue
    • subgingival hair
    • oral-nasal fistula
    • foreign body
    • infected teeth

Answer to Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling: RULE OUT

In general, there could be salivary overproduction or an inability to swallow it (Dysphagia) adequately


  1. Stricture: narrowing of the larynx or esophagus
  2. Mass: abstraction due to tumors (oropharyngeal, etc)
  3. Imotility: neuromuscular problems, cranial nerve disease.
  4. BOAS:
    1. Pelongated palate,
    2. laryngeal saccules
    3. laryngeal collapse
    4. prolapse tonsils


  • Limbic epilepsy

A weird form of epilepsy in which ptyalism and salivary gland enlargement are observed.

  • Brachycephalic: Conformational
  • Oropharyngeal disease
  • Laryngeal disease
  • Nasopharyngeal disease
  • Trauma (temporomandibular disease, oral ulcerations)
  • Drug Reaction:
  • Dietary
  • Environmental/Toxic
  • Gastrointestinal:
    • Foreign Body
    • Gastritis
    • GERD
    • Esophagitis
    • Sliding Diaphragmatic Hernia
  • Immune-Mediated
  • Salivary Glands Disease: (obstructive, leaking, inflammatory, tumor)
    • sialadenitis
    • sialocele
    • sialadenosis
  • Otitis:

I have seen cases of hypersalivation bulldogs that responded to ear disease care and treatment

  • Behavioral Anxiety

Bulldog Stress Less Bundle - Essential

Answer to Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling: TESTS

  • Swallowing barium radiograph:
    • megaesophagus
    • hiatal hernia
  • Endoscopy: check esophagus, pyloric stomach
  • Dental radiographs
  • General screening tests (blood, urine, thyroid)

Answer to Why My Bulldog Hypersalivating and Drooling: TREATMENT SUGGESTIONS

Consider initiating a few cost-effective and low-risk therapeutic trials with your vet before delving into the expensive additional tests recommended (MRI, CT, and endoscopy).

Apart from the substantial cost of the tests, they all come with inherent risks due to the necessity of anesthesia.


Try changing the diet

  • soft vs. dry
  • low-fat blend
  • hypoallergenic diet


Stop any drugs she is on


Check for an ear infection and treat it if needed


Short-term steroid trial


A short-term Phenobarbital trial for limbic epilepsy


  • Prilosec
  • Metoclopramide
  • Carafate
  • Cernia
  • Pepsid-C (Famotadine)


  • Viagra
  • Cisapride


V4B bulldog probiotic for vomiting

Could you send us photos?

Good Luck

Dr. Kraemer

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91 answered 7 months ago

Thank you so much for getting back to me, Dr. Kraemer. Below is some additional information and I have attached a photo.
Pippa has a short palate, and no breathing, nasal, or ear issues. Before the hypersalivation, she did not have any issues swallowing but with the excess salvia, she sometimes coughs and gags. The only medication she takes is Heartgard and Glycoflex. She has hip dysplasia but you would never know it and she recently started receiving laser treatments 1x/every 2-3 weeks. The only other symptom that she has is that she lost 4.5 lbs. since the onset of the drooling. Weight is steady at 23.5 lbs. Please let me know if you need any additional images or information. Not sure how to attach a photo; please advise. 
Thank you,

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